Capricorn 2015


Capricorn Horoscope for 2015

Pluto will remain in your sign until 2024, Capricorn. Once again, this year is going to be an intense year. If you were born from 3 to January 6, you will have an close encounter with Pluto. A conjunction of Pluto with your Sun is a very violent and intense event. This conjunction happens to you only once in your life. It is an intense, uncompromising and powerful energy that could lead to deep changes in your life, but could also be jealous, obsessive and possessive. People around you will say that you've changed and some have trouble with the new you.
Let yourself be carried away on this strong Plutonic wave of transformation. Surrender yourself and you will be amazed at what happens in your life and the growth that occurs. This is your moment to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.
Also, in 2015 Uranus in Aries is still square on Pluto in Capricorn and especially the Capricorn born from 2 to 11 January has the do with this challenging energy. This energy is expressed in a form of inner restlessness and discontent with the course of things as they go. You want to change and that change only comes from yourself. Especially the Capricorn born between 3 and 6 January is challenged to do make inner change.

Mars will have a major influence on your career in 2015. From May 13 to June 24, Mars travels through the House of Work. During this period, you are motivated to work hard. From May 19 to June 10 you have to deal with the opposing forces of Mercury retrograde.
From november 13 until the end of december 2015, Mars travels through your House of Career and Life destination. You are extra motivated and wants nothing more than to clear all the mess of disappointments of and make up arrears before the end of the year.
Unfortunately you have to deal with a retrograde Mercury that from september 16 to October 8 2015 throws a spanner in the wheel.
The year 2015 is a good year to keep busy with work you are familiar with or to make money on the way you used to do in previous years.

From 13 January to February 20 2015, Mars travels through your House of Finance. You're determined to enhance your financial situation. During this period, Mercury retrogrades from January 20 to February 10 in your House of Finance. When assessing of your finances something may be overlooked or you have to report a source of income. Jupiter in Leo travels to August 11 through House of Shared Finances. During this period there are changes involving shared finances, the income of the partner or spouse, insurances, a legacy or tax matters.

Love and relationships
Jupiter in Leo will remain in your House of the Soul and Intimacy until 11 August 2015. Until then, you look for a deep and powerful connection, both emotionally and physically. From April 1 to May 12 Mars travels through the House of Love. Like never before, you want to find a love or more love in an existing relationship. During this period you are more affectionate and you have more need for physical attention. From June 25 to August 8, Mars travels through your House of Relationships. You expect loyalty and trust of the people whom you have a relationship with, whether it is your life partner, business partner or colleague. From August 9 to september 25 Jupiter will be accompanied by Mars in the House of the Soul and Intimacy. With this cosmic cooperation you feel drown to the people you feel attracted to. You wish that those people feel just as strongly towards you the way that you do. The problem is that Venus retrogrades from August 1 to september 5 in the same House of the Soul and Intimacy. You may come on too strong which puts people off or you are put off by people. During this period can an old love crosses your path. The spark is still there, but will soon fade away.

In 2015, Uranus in Aries remains in the House of Family and Home. This year there are unexpected changes in the relationship you have with family members. Without any notification, you break a contact or a family member breaks a contact. It could also be that you strengthen family ties and all is forgiven and forgotten. Just like that, you could decide to start a renovation, to sell the house or to buy a house. That impulsive urge to change places could be prominent when Mars accompanies Uranus from February 11 to March 31 in the House of Family and Home. A change of places would not be a wrong decision and could lead to positive new possibilities. Maybe you will have to move for the sake of your career. The Solar Eclipse of March 20, plays a major role in here. You could decide to renovate your house or restyle your home. You can decide to spend more time with your family. With Lunar Eclipse of 28 September in Aries you see what this transit has brought you.

In 2015, Saturn in Sagittarius travels through your House of the Subconscious mind and Karma. The wise old Saturn stresses the need of letting go of old pain from the past for now and forever. Get rid of excess luggage. Come to terms with all the undesirable things in your life. From June 16 to September 18 2015, Saturn temporarily leaves this House. But as said, from 19 september 2015 this energy is back to confront you again. This confrontational energy points you on all matters that you’d rather forget. Mars in Pisces will be traveling from January 13 to February 20 through the House of the Soul. During this period you are in better spirits, sharper and apt. In addition to these positive qualities you want to defy and confront people whenever you please.
On 12 August, Jupiter enters the sign Virgo. Until september 9 2016 makes Jupiter for a cheerful and an optimistic attitude. With this earthly Jupiter energy you feel fine. From september 26 to november 12 Jupiter in Virgo gets a helping hand from Mars. On September 13, a Solar Eclipse in Virgo opens the door to adventure. You open up for a new study and spiritual development.

Summer and Autumn are the best seasons of 2015.