Aquarius 2015


Aquarius Horoscope for 2015

2015 starts well with fiery Mars in your own sign until January 12, 2015. A positive and enthusiastic energy. All you desire is to live life to the fullest!. Your inner passion makes you unstoppable!
Unfortunately Mercury retrograde plays tricks on you. From 21 January to 10 February, Mercury retrogrades in your own sign Aquarius. No one seems to understand you and nothing seems to work. Aquarius born on January 21 and February 7 experience the most inconvenience. It is advisable to go along with this energy and correct later, when something goes wrong. The second half of 2015 is better for you in all respects.

Saturn in Scorpio has traveled in the past two years through your House of Career and Life Destination. 2015 is a good year to pursue goals. These are goals that you have set more than 14 years ago. It may be so that you are in the process of preparing for more than 14 years now to make a dream come true. Saturn will return in the Summer of 2015 in your House of Career and Life Destination. That will be from June 16 to September 18 2015. During that period, you'll get one last chance to work on those goals or get a new project off the ground. Take it to your advantage. Do not think it comes naturally, otherwise it will result in disappointment. The Solar Eclipse of March 20 and the presence of Mars from February 21 to March 31 could lead to something new. A brilliant idea or project opens new doors! The planet of action, Mars, travels from June 25 to August 8 through the House of daily Work. With this energy you can move mountains! During this period, a new job or job offer could may be possible. The presence of Jupiter until August 11, 2015 is conducive to all forms of cooperation, including associates, business partners and of agreements and contracts. Uranus in Aries travels through the House of Communication opening new ways of thinking. Your inexhaustible and optimistic spirit is full of new ideas this year.

Neptune resides in 2015 in your House of Money so it remains difficult to get and keep your finances in order. Because of the prolonged influence of Neptune money comes and goes. It seems as if you don’t have financial control. From January 13 to February 20 Mars will visit Neptune in your House of Money. With this energy you are determined to make a change in your financial situation. Unfortunately, this action will de unsuccessful and the money will be spent before you know it.
From August 12 2015 to September 2016 Jupiter in Virgo will remain in your House of shared Finances. During this year there will be changes in your finances involving investments and finances of your partner or shared possessions, also developments in the area of taxes, insurances and inheritances. Whatever happens, do not forget the impact that Neptune has on your finances.

Love and Relationships
Jupiter in Leo will remain until August 11 2015 in your House of Relationships. After that, Jupiter will reside from August 12 until the end of September 2016 in the House of Soul and Intimacy. This benevolent energy of Jupiter offers a strong commitment to others and wants nothing but to have real commitments. Your devotion and affection is great towards others. Mars travels from May 13 to June 24 in your House of Love which leads to a strong need for love and you willing to give all your love. During this period you can fall in love. You are determined to do everything to get him or her into your life. From August 9 until September 25 2015, Mars travels through your House of Relationships and until November 12, 2015 all you desire is a true commitment. Nothing more and nothing less.
Mercury retrogrades in your House of Love from May 19 to June 11, 2015. During this period, there may be an argument with your lover or a courtship could break-up. It is also possible that an old love comes your way. Venus retrogrades in your House of Relationships of July 25 to September 5 and during this period someone could return to you that has meant a lot to you. Because of the Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 love will rise to great heights. You will experience a deep commitment and passion that you have longed for such a long time.
As of September 19, 2015 due to the influence of Saturn, friends may disappear out of your life or move to another residence.

Family and Home
Mars travels from April 1 to May 12, 2015 through your Home and Family and Home. During this time you want to spend more time with your family. It is also possible that during this period is more disagreement. Also you want to make home improvements or perhaps there are plans to move. Uranus in Aries 2015 travels through your house of neighbors, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. The relationship that you maintain with them going during these years more and more change. There will be opportunities in their path which will create opportunities for you. The Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 will be of great importance to the relationship that you maintain with your immediate family and / or neighbors.

Pluto in Capricorn also travels this year by the House of the Unconscious. During these years make a tremendous inner growth. A deep transformative journey leads to an inner strength so you are able to let go of old pain.

Finding a balance between the future and the present is the key of 2015. You tend to be more of a leg in the future and one foot in the past. Try to stand with both feet in the present!