Horoscope for Virgo 2014



Spirituality will play a leading role in 2014. You're stronger than ever, because you know how inner peace can be obtained by lettings things go. In recent years, many changes disturbed your life, but they also brought you progress. Also in this year there are necessary changes in the pipeline, but you now know how to deal with them. With the support of Saturn and Uranus will find the balance and follow your own path.


The year 2014 is a year of career for the Virgo. The influence of Saturn and Jupiter promotes your social status in 2014. In recent years you have done your very best. Now it 's time to take stock of whether hearing is given to your wishes. If you feel stuck, then spend time in analyzing your job. Change your job, or turn a different direction. If you're happy with your job, it is good to speak out for yourself. You deserve that they listen to you and that your employer (s) see who you are and what your abilities are. You may wanna put your best strengths in the spotlight. You will be appreciated for your abilities. You will see that your positive attitude is appreciated and you leave a good impression. This year is very suitable to make progress, asking for more responsibility and challenging work. Promotion is possible this year. If you are your own boss 2014 is a good year to analyze your business and to establish how to make more profit by generating new ideas.

You study goes smoothly, but it is sometimes difficult to focus your energy. You are soon scattered and distracted by your external environment. As long as you can concentrate yourself on your studies, there is progress. Keep believing in yourself. Believing in yourself is gonna put you on the path of unlimited possibilities.


This year will be a little complicated regarding to love and relationships. Your emotional life is varied by hope and fear ! There is pressure on you to make a serious step. But are you ready? Think twice before to make the step. Keep close to yourself and stay your own self. You know yourself what is of great value to you and what is not. However, you tend too wait too long to take a decision, and you may end up with empty hands. The combined forces of Neptune and Jupiter help you to develop to understand a relationship better and react in a direct and witty way.
If you have a steady relationship, then you will find that your other half is more volatile than before. Keep in mind that emotions will increase when third-party intervention is in order.


You better not let provoke yourself in 2014. Trust yourself in this matter, follow your own understanding or it would only lead to unforeseen loss. Be realistic and wise in the way you take care of your savings, it prevents much suffering. Avoid financial risks. If you're dealing now with debt or debts you can possibly deal with it together with your partner, follow the path of dialogue to reach a solution. You will see that everything eventually will be all right.


Many things may have changed in 2013 within the family atmosphere, you may have had to deal with death, mutual quarrel, birth or accident. Whatever has happened, it has had a toll on your family. This year you take the decision to settle a thing or let go. Especially around the summer of 2014 you will see the importance of having good friends.


You do not have to worry too much about your health in 2014. The Great Benefactor Jupiter makes you energetic to explore your creative mind to the fullest. Last year you were more susceptible to illness. This year you spent more attention to personal hygiene and you take sufficient precautions to stay healthy. The influence of your planet Mercury with Jupiter makes you prone to nervous tension. It is wise to get sufficient sleep to restore your mind. Sufficient sleep will especially in the Autumn of 2014 probe to be the best medicine. If you suffer from nervousness, do not get behind the wheel . Nervousness has to do with a lack of confidence. Safety first on the road.



Virgo is well endowed in 2014 by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.
Virgo born after September 5 's, may have themselves this year no less than three times showered by the beautiful influence of Venus. It starts at the end of November 2013 and lasts until early March 2014. Then there's a nice spring from late May to the last week of June.
Finally it ends in 2014 and yet another fun from December 10 until after New Year 2015 ! One way or another, the Virgin could benefit these good times by planning or to look for love or display themselves. Social life gets a boost so you’d better somehow use those periods.
But what if you are born under the sign Virgo ONLY September 5? You retain in September when Venus is in your sign.
Only from mid- August 2015, Jupiter in Virgo is favorable for all Virgo to make the big leaps in life. But would not be Virgo if he/she does not appreciate the happiness in all the little things.