Horoscope for Taurus 2014



The year 2014 is a year of personal growth if you decide to change your lifestyle. New habits or a new way of thinking would be better than before benefit your attention and gain a deep understanding and sharper. Believing in yourself is the best way to store a new chapter in and adapt to the many changes in yourself.
For relationships 2012 will not be an easy year. You will be forced to revalue close friendships and by asking yourself if it is worth to keep demanding friendships.
Emotionally 2014 is a year of valuable experience, but also criticism that make you stronger and more independent.


Your dedication and motivation at work have ensured that there will be no major concerns about your career. Both at home and at work you see the need to reorganizing things.
You have to deal with unrest at work that is due to reorganization and staff changes this year. Fortunately, your position remains stable and you do not have to worry. You become stronger and your self-confidence grows under the influence of Jupiter. Projects, investment changes at work do not bring you into trouble, this brings you only progress. By having confidence in yourself the efficiency will double. With the help of Jupiter you get closer to your boss . There is extra work with extra reward or promotion. Do not be afraid to show more effort. The most effective periods to work are January, February and March together. Many changes during this period. Watch out for profiteers and jealousy in your environment.


It is a confusing year for love, Taurus. Your planet Venus alerts you to new needs, which calls for new ways of love. You have to invest a lot of time and love in an existing relationship. If you don’t, this may have major consequences. You may also find that your relationship hinders you. It may indicate that you terminate an existing relationship.
If you 're single, there are more than enough opportunities to meet the love of your life. There is a soul mate and he or she is getting closer. 

Your new partner will have all the resources that will have a significant impact on your personal life.A new life experience!


The year 2014 is in all respects a good financial year, you have a financial windfall! Through your own efforts in your work and appropriate investment you reap the rewards, so your standard of living is stable and you are able to make a long-term financial planning. You would do well to invest in study. Please note your expenses carefully, because you can come for unexpected costs at the end of the year. Do not be naive and beware of profiteers, otherwise you may get fooled.


Due to Jupiter and Mercury the relational can work out well in many aspects. You will see an existing relationship with more clarity this year. You grow closer together and learn difficult things like sharing, funding and decision-making.
You would do well to take good independent advice. Swallow your pride to get that advice. Saturn supports you to overcome inner uncertainty and defects.


Through the influence of Jupiter you enjoy all the delicious food and drinks. Your health however comes in second place. To remain healthy and keep weight it is wise to follow a balanced diet and have sufficient exercise. In October, November and December of 2014 you feel so much better. If you love sports you can take the opportunity to raise the training intensity during those months.


Your personal planet Venus is in Taurus from May 29 to June 23, 2014. The month of June seems a very appropriate time for building of decorating a house or flat or just enjoy life.

  • For those born between 10 and 15 May June is also a favorable month. Jupiter increases the fun in a vacation and the chances of finding a loved one. 
  • The bachelor Taurus will enjoy a pleasant time in June, although you won’t find a new love is as desired. An alternative is the period from 6 to 28 September, when Venus in Virgo. Taurus do not get bored in July.
  • Were you born in late April and you are about 35-40 years now the beginning of July 2014 will be most pleasant! As of 19 July, 
  • Venus will turn into for Taurus sympathetic sign of Cancer and after that on 13 august in the sign of Leo, which doesn’t meet your match. In late August, the more pleasant, especially from 6 August when Venus will be placed in Virgo!
  • The month of December 2014 from December 11, 2014 will be good for all Taurus. It will be nice holidays! Taurus born on May 13 and 12 tend to exaggerate, too much optimism and an overdose of self-confidence. This shouldn’t be bad, but watch your weight!