Horoscope for Scorpio 2014



In 2014, your life changes considerably now it is in the spirit of inner transformation . Since 2012 big changes have been a part of your life and accordingly you are regularly called on your adaptability. Your life is constantly changing . The focus this year is on work, finances , family, transformation , debt , career and abroad. The favorable position of Jupiter in Cancer will help you through all transformation processes. The influence of Neptune in Pisces supports you to recognize your shortcomings and to making changes. The year 2014 is a year of going forward, showing courage and perseverance . A year of financial gain and personal wealth, 2014 is a positive year for the Scorpio !


If you are planning to start a new project to start this year, you should be taking action now. The position of Jupiter supports your performance at work. If you have your own business , your commitment and hard work will be rewarded with profitable expansion and investors. You may have to deal with some setbacks at work, but these are challenges. You are confronted with problems and challenged to finding the answers. You get good advice that you need to resolve problems. Swallow your pride, take that advice to heart and overcome difficulties. However, do not loose control , work from your own terms. If the current status of your work (no longer) meet your needs, consider a new project or other work environment. In the field of study or course you can expect some obstacles in 2014.


Emotions are complex and intensely colored this year . If your current relationship is at a low tide , you lose interest and even consider to end this relationship. Under the influence of Jupiter emotions are more complex and intense this year. Your wish is depth, intimacy and intense love to pursue, to go from one extreme to another, for you it's all or nothing. This all makes you vulnerable and that is not so easy for you. Your vulnerability, however, is your strongest force ! Jupiter in Cancer protects you, however, in going too far. If you're already married, tame these strong feelings until mid- 2014. From that period expires the relationship with your loved one in a more harmonious way. May, June and August are good months for love. You want to pursue a more harmonious life and less based on your personal emotional experience. If you are single you get more chance to meet the love of your life. Social activities are especially favorable in the last three months of 2014. A new love can arise from those activities.


Jupiter in Cancer creates wealth and profit and motivates you to act in a responsible way in money and business facts. Those responsible attitude provides a good time to actively address financial problems. You tend so hard to do your best, and thats why problems won't solve. Especially in the first half of 2014, there are no worries about short-term financial problems. In the second half of 2014, your income can be especially stable and more money is likely to be coming from abroad. There is more chance of social recognition and you will be rewarded for your efforts.


What do I need in a relationship ? What surprises life has in store for me ? These are the questions that often haunt your head. These questions are more intense in 2014 than before. You can get enough of boring interpersonal communication, sometimes you might even get rid of human contact and socializing, for you, it never goes deep enough. Some people don't understand your attitude. Live and let live. Learning to deal with all types of people is also a sign of maturity.


In 2014 you'll be more energetic than usual. Throughout the year a kind of excitement is part of your life. After all that excitement you may feel a little tired, especially in the last quarter of 2014. Vitamins provide a good supplement and avoid stress as much as possible. Short breaks in between provide the much needed relaxation.


With the ups and downs caused by both Saturn and Jupiter to your Sun manny Scorpions born between 8 and 22 November need more than ever peace and quiet.

  • That is what they get when they use the favorable periods of Venus. That is, for example in March (after the 6th), from 18 July to 10 August and from 24 October to 17 November. 
  • The month of December 2014 has nice moments, especially after the 10th December. This will be the most comfortable period for most Scorpions. 
  • Just before New Year's 2015 Saturn leaves the astrological sign of Scorpio. 
  • With Saturn in own sign, you see the negative side and burdensome responsibilities such as mortgages, age, parenthood, parents and careers. But ultimately, if this period is over, most Scorpio have gotten their affairs in order.
  • Just as in 2013, you get a little help from Jupiter in 2014. Jupiter also is the planet of big travels . Who is born between 2 and 22 November and have plans for travel in 2014 such a great trip has a lucky star.
  • From mid- July 2014 Jupiter starts traveling the astrological sign of Leo. 
  • That gives most Scorpio an overdose of confidence. If they remain quiet and abide by the rules, they can come forward, even traveling ! Scorpio born between 15 and 22 November have to wait for a second round of Jupiter, until July 2015. 
  • Who was born around November 8 Jupiter repeatedly gives you a fair wind !

Scorpions over 30 and under 60 can enjoy the positive direction Jupiter gives to life from the second half of 2014.