Horoscope for Sagittarius 2014



The year 2014 promises to be fruitful, productive and creative, with some ups and downs. Challenges occur in the sense of closer personal contact with others. The focus this year lie in all areas of life: love, romance, work, career, health, relationships and finances. Good planning helps you to be happier and making the year more enjoyable. Like previous years, this year will be marked by profound changes. Due to experience, you will be able to deal with those changes in a better way. You will notice that many in your area will appeal on your experience. The year 2014 is a year of self-development and exchange. You grow further and further into your being.


In the year 2014 your business or professional life will be, according to the astrological forecasts, going upwards. Compared with the previous year, there is more chance of stability, profit, growth, promotions and recognition in your social life. Networking bring you success. Generally you will get much busier, but the whole year remains constructive and full of features. Of course with some ups and downs, but you know how to deal with all circumstances. At the end of the year you can expect a pleasant surprise!


Within your family circle a lot of developments haven taken place, which may have caused a distance. This year you get the chance to restoring all those familyties again. You now know for yourself what you have missed and what is important and real to you. Be unselfish, respectful and sincere in your love. You know what to do in order not to loose this feeling. It will cost you extra effort, but with your patience and affection you conquer many hearts. Love finds its way in the second half of March, mid-June and the first half of August.


The year 2014 was a good financially year for Sagittarius . This year your finances will be needed for the maintenance of your home or business. Use your wits, knowledge and experience in order to avoid future financial problems. Be aware of the risks. Do not expect too much of a gamble this year. In the last quarter of 2014, you can look forward to financial benefits.


Maybe there are ups and downs in relationships with friends, family, colleagues and the people that are part of your social life. Partnerships are tense this year. It is advisable to find ways to deal with the situation. Preserve patience and courage. Try to give each other more space for growth. Build bridges to keep constant communication in the relationship for the long term.


To remain healthy and fit it’s advisable to avoid animal products as much as possible. Despite minor problems your health remains stable. Provide balanced diet and get enough exercise. Vitamins and minerals are a valuable addition to your diet.


There are favorable prospects in the second half of 2014 for Sagittarius born before December 15.

  • Advances are to be expected in the first 7.5 months of 2015 for the Sagittarius born between 10 and 22 December.
  • Jupiter is the planet of prosperity and growth, besides your ability your weight may also grow, so watch your diet.
  • Chances are very possible. Jupiter is favorable if you want to succeed, to promote, celebrate an anniversary.
  • Saturn in Scorpio makes Sagittarius to become careful with money, but Sagittarius can better invest in a nice trip. 2014 is a good time and it will take years (until November 2018 ) before Jupiter again makes such a favorable condition for the sign of Sagittarius !
  • Enjoy the following periods :
  • May 2 till May 28 August 12 till September 5 November 16 till December

Venus supports the holidays ! The (somewhat) older Sagittarius can enjoy a nice vacation in March or October 2015.