Pisces Horoscope 2014



Things fall into place in 2014 in place, Pisces. The year is well organized, stable and not as chaotic as in previous years. You find yourself back when you follow your intuition and get rid of others who in fact take advantage of you. With renewed confidence in your own intuition you follow the path of your soul that brings you to the unknown new worlds of love, hope and optimism. The courage to becoming yourself again bring you finally to that social and domestic recognition you need so beady in order to progress. Learn to accept help if necessary.


The positive connection with Saturn makes you stronger than ever. You have stood on the sidelines and now it's your time to show yourself. Stronger day by day you will see your transformation translated in a reward ! Your need for social recognition is actually heeded and that gives you a specific energy and motivation that will make you feel uninhibited and free. Recognition from the second half of 2014 translates itself into promotion or other monetary reward. However, collective cooperation is also in 2014 not your thing. To peacefully live with others in respect for the individual is something that gives you an uncomfortable feeling which hinders a breakthrough in your career on the way. If you can understand how individual and collective interests leads to mutual integration and balance, a win-win situation will occur and the knowledge that you can rely on the great collective strength. In the last quarter of 2014, a change or flow in your career or flow will be possible.


It is a good academic period for Pisces in 2014 ! Many unexpected opportunities, these features ensure that you get more confidence. As long as you stay focused and motivated, unexpected profit and/or pay comes your way.


Pisces have a strong desire for a new emotional experience in 2014. You learn more and more what your personal needs are. You learn about your own desires are and want to express them . Sometimes your lover will not quite agree with you, do not try to force your lover to understand your point of view, because you will not achieve the desired effect. The single Pisces are at the beginning of a passionate relationship. You have to spend in the second half of 2014 a lot of time in how you experience love, because your love will have a sense of exaggerated emotional expression. The contradictory nature of your expressions of love can lead to disappointment when you do not get the expected response. Give your love remains, pour first have to love yourself before you do that.
Pisces with a fixed relationship see this further deepen and strengthen in 2014.


Your income will be largely linked to your career in 2014 . Not only in real life, but also in your spiritual life. You know what you are worth and you will therefore be appreciated for who you are and what you can do. You may experience some loss of money in June and July of 2014. All matters related to investment indicate good positive developments, for example, your investment from the beginning of the year is very beneficial and brings you many opportunities. The cooperation of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn give you endless opportunities to learn to take full advantage of these opportunities. Make sure you have a nest-egg.


The connection between Jupiter and Saturn makes you prefer to be by yourself, to be alone. But this is a golden period to show your artistic creativity and expertise and others will you will see with different eyes. By emphasizing artistic creativity you support interpersonal exchanges. You invest a lot of time and love in your family relationship and in return you will be rewarded by a whole lot of love ! This year further strengthened friendships. People come, people go, due to unexpected circumstances within your circle of friends. Some are permanent residents, some are just fleeting acquaintances. Some are just fellow travelers on your life-journey. Call it learning moments.


Your physical condition is good in February and July 2014 . However your psychical performance is mediocre. In the other months you tend to over-act, what makes you very tired, reckless and impulsive There are simple ways to stabilize these fluctuations. You do not benefit from exaggeration and indulgence. Take it slow, have a break every now and then. Plan a holiday, the month of May is ideal to do so.


For Pisces born in March, the auspicious days start earlier than around April 6, when Venus is in your own sign. 

  • Namely the March Pisces have Jupiter in Cancer in their favor!
  • Jupiter laughs at the Sun in Pisces and in March that is a guarantee for progress, travel, development, success and everything that has to do with expansion. 
  • Enjoy the first half of 2014, this favorable constellation is favorable to plan a big trip or living abroad.
  • Both the February and March Pisces may preferably plan a vacation in and after the first week of April and the second week in May.
  • For good company, great scenery and tranquility, July 19 till August 11 promises to be a good time. Also October 24 to November 16, 2014 is a good time for Pisces.

Older Pisces (over 60) are to enjoy June and September. For the Pisces born on March 7 is the 15th May 2014 will be a beautiful day, especially on tour!