Horoscope for Libra 2014



The year 2014 is the year of Abundance . There is more money , but the most abundance you can expect on a spiritual and emotional level . Until the month of May 2014 dominates the practical theme , the rest of the year will be filled with more quiet space for travel and relaxation. It promises to be a relatively stable year , you would, in principle, encounter not too many obvious problems . Your planet Venus gives you this year more perseverance to solve all problems. The influence of Uranus is pointing you in the right direction towards greater inner freedom and peace.

You better clean up old problems before you take the next step. It is a year to enjoy, at the end of this year you will look back with satisfaction.


Business problems disappear gradually . Many Libras look for a more suitable job in 2014. Your career prospects are very good, especially if you are working in the technical or scientific branch. You can prove yourself by taking the initiative to create a task or work at a project. Never doubt yourself, this really is the best way to move ahead in your career progress. A new colleague motivates you and gives you energy. If you need to focus on a new job, collect information on relevant persons. You tend to take a passive attitude in your work. In the second half of 2014 there are better career opportunities for the Libra, especially in communications, or legal sector. In general, are you satisfied with your work and your efforts will be rewarded this year with a promotion or bonus.


Love and romance are important aspects for the Libra and you will be pleased that love plays a central role this year!
Despite the positive astrological influence you are often plagued by pessimism about inexplicable things that confuses you and your loved one, you don't seem not to understand each other. If you are not happy in your relationship then find the right time to make changes or end the relationship between you and your beloved, but only if you really do not want to continue the relationship. For in the man - woman relationship, it is very important to pay attention to the everyday details. Don't let a few small things affect your marriage. Love is a verb, you have to keep your relationship working and for doing so wisdom is required ! For the relationship is June, a favorable month.
If you're single, look out for the month of October. You would just be able to bump into the right one. Take it easy, it is very important for you and your position that you find the most suitable partner.


You work hard to generate more revenue, your material needs will change, however. The year 2014 is a transition year in which your value system will shift. You are going to spend more money to investment in your inner self, rather than admitting to individual material desires . You are going to invest in study, self-development, improve career, language skills and alike. Do not invest in the stock market, unless you are an expert . The month of May brings you a financial windfall in the sense of an unexpected gift, bonus or inheritance.


In dealing with others , you should have more confidence. Your level of success in your career also depends largely on your popularity.


Student performance improves in 2014. You make more effort to reach your goals, but your study may be affected by outside interference, perhaps a loss. But you know quickly how to adjust the status of your studies and move further towards your goal.


Pay attention to your health this year. You often feel tired and exhausted. Especially the month of March, April and July requires a lot of Libra, protect especially your vocal chords, muscles and connective tissue. Don't embark adventurous paths, especially in sports. Your consumption depends on your mood swings, do not eat too many sweets. Libra should be alert to the road while driving, small mistakes lead to big problems.



Libra starts the new year with Mars in their own sign. That indicates for each Libra who were born on or after October 6 a new dose of energy and self-assurance.

Good periods for holidays are:

1. March 6 t / m April 5, Venus in Aquarius promises a month long relaxation, pleasure, rest or whatever you want on holiday!

2. late June to mid-July, a three week Venus period

3. September 30 to October 24 . Venus in her own sign feel so good!