Horoscope for Leo 2014



It will be a turbulent year for Leo, a year in which you want to spread your wings. Last year was a year of waiting, this year is your life really gained momentum.


Your professional life will undergo significant changes in 2014. Neptune and Saturn in the Waterelement has a unique and paradoxical effect: individual action would have been more successful, but together as a whole it decreases the overall efficiency in delays. Perseverance is your biggest asset in the workplace, your confidence motivates others. You want to see fast results from your efforts, but it's good to know that patience is a virtue. In undertaking new projects you can experience obstacles, but these are incidental and intended as learning moments.
The year 2014 is a lucky year. You are about to make important choices for the long term. Especially at the end of 2014, there are opportunities, be patient and take those chances. Have confidence in your ability to maintain your own success. It is the year for action, direct and continuous improvement and innovation. Make sure you understand each other, be clear to avoid disputes.


Students who begin their studies in 2014 will face troubles, especially the new changes in the environment, making you sometimes confused and less concentrated. Later in the year you return into your rhythm and you’ll be back on track to the desired level.


In 2014 you will feel strong emotional changes. Saturn allows your passion to be awakened, so you have enough of boring emotional life. You place your own feelings first and therefore problems with your partner may occur. Your partner may also experience the same and that can lead to conflicts in the long run. If you have a committed relationship it is advisable not to be distracted by the temptations of the outside world, keep control of your heart.
There are Leos who attempt to liberate someone or a situation, but encounter much opposition from their environment. Children take a prominent place in this year, whether it's the family or a child in your environment that asks for your warm attention. In the course of the year you will find that peace and satisfaction will grow increasingly.


In 2014, you should try to keep control of your finances. You tend to let yourself go while you can better slice your credit card in half! If you keep your finances quietly , you will see that it pays off at the end of the year. Speculating or gambling can be profitable. The year 2014 is a year to invest in networks, research and technological development. Your income will grow in the long term if you develop en improve technical skills. It will eventually benefit you and your family.


You always want to show yourself from your best side . Others admire the way you overcome obstacles. You also have another side, which is pretty tough to call, and that is inadvertently to offend others, which is felt. So it's good to pay attention to word choice and modesty, if only to avoid unwanted circumstances that do not serve you in the way to growth and success. A new friendship will open new doors for you, it will enrich your life and change for the better.


You don’t need not worry too much in 2014 about your health. You radiate and you are stronger than ever. Your health reflects your body, and your sanity lies in the psychological sense. Especially in the first half of the year is the magic word is relaxation. Make in early spring plans to quit those annoying addiction. Also think about the importance of good nutrition especially in July and September 2014. During these months you can experience, as a result of planetary influences, unexplained muscle pain. Drive carefully this year.




Leos born between 4 and August 15 ( having the Sun between 12.6 and 22.6 degrees Leo ) will enjoy to three times for the next two years the benefits of Jupiter ! July Leos are less endowed. Jupiter passes their sun between mid- July 2014 and 26 August 2014.

  • Jupiter brings profit , success and optimism along the way. The only risk is that you become too optimistic and too much is never a good thing. Watch out for over-spending money.
  • The late Leo , born on or after August 15 must bite their teeth . Until July 2015 it will turn for the better! Lions born on 17 or 18 August may enjoy a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on their birthday . This increases the fun! It is also a positive sign for the foreseeable future .
  • All Leos are in favor because of Venus between August 11 and September 6 ( nice holiday time ! ) , in May, and between 16 November and 11 December , just in time for Christmas.