Gemini Horoscope for 2014



The big word of 2014 is Transformation by Communication. Learning how to express yourself is a big part of that transformation. If you learn to be careful about certain things like emotions, you will notice that this will bring you closer to your feelings.
You are on the road and it has been in many ways a tough road. In the past year you had to deal with many facets in your life and now in 2014 you will take all those missed opportunities. The year slowly gets on the way, but will gain momentum. The year 2014 will be a positive year for love, but also a study, remodeling and new friends will cross your path this year.


This year does not change much for Gemini in terms of career and actually you will find it all quite well. You enjoy the stability and well-deserved rest after all that hubbub of the past year.
At work and at home you are enjoying the peace, but keep your guard. Because you are not really paying attention and your lack of motivation can attract others to take their opportunity. Someone would mid-2014 run off with your ideas or want to take your place. Things happen as they are meant to be.


The year 2014 is the year of Love for Gemini ! Positive energy is what you radiate out to your environment and doing so you can warm yourself in loving attention. Your emotions are subject to large fluctuations, this year you've become more sensitive by all the experiences of recent times and this effects your partner. Be sincere and do not be obsessed by demanding your partner to understand you. Saturn will support you settle misunderstandings in order to create understanding and clarity. Solid relationships deepen and expand. Family wedding plans are possible this year.
Are you single March and November are the months for romantic encounters. Do not let your sometimes naive enthusiasm fool you. You have had enough of grief and disappointments. Luckily you have good friends who are always there for you.


Keep your vision on your finances and investments to yourself . Those ideas are yours and although it is good to share, it does not serve you at all. You have had a period behind you of financial uncertainty and stress. Even though it is under control, money worries and the feeling of being abandoned can cause excessive anxiety. The influence of Saturn brings balance and stability in your life. If you are aware of your expenses, luck is on your side. In the world of art lie many possibilities. With your individual charm, good negotiation and preparation you’ll achieve much chance of success. Impulsiveness leads to disappointment and regret.


This year you learn about the nature of your friendships. Maybe there are some friends who abuse your friendship. Release that, you deserve better relationships in your life. Do not look too hard for love and friendship, love sometimes is waiting for you around the corner ! Perhaps there are already new interesting people, or just someone you have not seen before? To resolve conflicts, it is better to avoid a fight. Jupiter stimulates all your skills, so get in action and change your passive habits. Do not stand on the sideline, but go ahead and do not allow the outside world affect you.


In the reflection of the mirror you will see your health. You see the obvious signs of tiredness and fatigue as a result of your way of life. Throughout the year you follow your vitality. Relaxation is the magic word for you . Build your energy by low intensity training during the spring and summer, so that in the second half of the year you’ ll be fit and vital again September and October are busy months. No long tiring travels for you, take short breaks in between. Relaxation can be found in the arts or entertainment world.


All Gemini come alive in the last week of June and mid-July, when Venus ( the planet of love and fun ) has a nice rendezvous with their Sun. Holiday time! The first three weeks of October, Venus loves Gemini! Happy and contented days come, at least for the next Gemini:

  • Born in May (21-25) and now about 50: mid- June 2014
  • Born in May (25-31) and now about 60: the month of August 2014
  • Born in June (first week) and about 30: Early Spring 2014
  • Born in June (second week) and now about 40: second half of July 2014

Gemini immediately understand that luck depends from the moment you were born and how old you are.
From mid- May to late June all Gemini can expect a really fun day at any time. That's when the degree of their natal birth chart exactly reaches the midpoint between Venus and Jupiter. Pick such a day for a nice trip or wedding party!