Capricorn Horoscope 2014




You can expect a total transformation of your personal life this year, Capricorn. This year, the focus shifted from performing to spiritual and mystical wisdom.Your career, your social position and control will be less important to you. You will understand what is the most important thing for you: Self Improvement and enjoying the fullest of life. Are you ready to finally take control of your own inner life?


Pursuing or having a career is becoming less important to the Capricorn. The spiritual side of life is increasingly exposed. You will prefer to remain where you are, instead of trying to find a new job. A busy schedule is less valuable than you think. Important decisions for your work are te be made in the spring. If you hold a leadership position, you have trouble to stay on top of things, because your energy is less. At work things will not change that much, there will be a new colleague or partner and with this person you will build during 2014 a good relationship. If you have a creative profession 2014 is really a harvest year, a year in which you are constantly inspired so high that efficiency can be counted. August and September are the best months for Capricorn.

The year 2014 is in many ways a harvest year. Investments are now showing their fruits and encourage you to further growth and increased sales.
Invest more to maintain the relationship between you and love, for example, in travel or going out together. You can generate money from home by telecommuting or a home business. Your house occupies are increasingly important, so invest in your home in energy and maintenance. Your home is really your castle ! You can expect support from your family. Some Capricorns move to a better location, expand or improve their own home. You take a conservative stance about money and that is a big change compared to last year.


The year 2014 is a stationary year in terms of love. If you have a partner, you stay together. You spend more time together, with more attention to each other. Due to the growing interest in spirituality, the bond with your partner continues to deepen. Mutual understanding leads to peace and stability in your relationship. If you still single, then probably stay single being seriously in your quest for love in the long run. March, July and August are months in which your heart will beat faster. By the end of 2014, you have to deal with a couple relationships, which may end in the breakup of a relationship. Do not grieve long, soon a new love will arise.


Your current relations remain the way as they were, and actually you feel good about that. Many of your friendships are related to your work, but are they real friendships ? Take time to evaluate friendships. Your house is becoming more and more your workingspace, and that means fewer friends, Fewer friends, but real friends. What is more important to you ? Friends you can rely on and not only benefit from you ?
This year, you should pay more attention to the needs of your partner. Travel allows you to escape the humdrum of everyday life. Do not forget your family during 2014, you will need them hard enough. Your family can spread in a certain way. As stated, August and September months meaningful for Capricorn, also for family and relationships.


You have this year a great need for personal space , you need to give yourself more time. Nature is ideal to pull back and clear your head. Only when your mind is clear you can focus on your study.


In early 2014 you will experience a certain pressure coming from the outside world, which requires strong effort from you. By relaxing and regularly withdrawing you better deal with that pressure. You may feel exhausted quiet often in 201. In the first quarter of 2014 have to deal with a calcium deficiency. Watch your diet . Also pay attention to hygiene in food preparation, since you are prone to stomach flu.
Health and money are two important factors this year. Through your work, there will be more money, but remember that all the money in the world is worth nothing if you're not healthy . Consider this year to invest a part of your money in your health. Think of a diet or a subscription to the gym. Physical exercises give you peace of mind and food for your soul.


  • Capricorn born between 3 and 18 January are in favor of Venus during the first month of 2014, Venus is in your own sign. 
  • They feel comfortable, even if they are not on vacation or in love. The earlier born Capricorns have previously enjoyed ( in November or December 2013 ) Venus or encountered something funny or strange. If your birthday is between 18 and 20 January you can look forward to something like this in March... Most Capricorns will have fun in March and/or April. 
  • Also from late May until the last week of June, it is nice to go on holiday. Who knows who you’ll encounter ?
  • Good times for holidays, peace and love are for Capricorn also in September and from December 10, 2014.
  • With Jupiter in the opposite sign ( Cancer) you may experience success and happiness. The older Capricorn is additionally supported by the position of Jupiter in Cancer.
  • For example, who was born on January 1, 1954, early March 2014 Jupiter wille be in a nice handshake with the Sun. Jupiter's handshakes contribute to success, satisfaction and improvements in the field that indicates the horoscope. In early August 2014 was such a moment for Capricorn born on December 30, 1929.