Horoscope Cancer 2014



The year 2014 is the year of Career and Relationships for Cancer!
After a year of ups and downs in 2014 will be a year of positive changes!


During 2014 you will be satisfied with your work and you will be rewarded with success for all the efforts you have shown in 2013. A promotion, raise or bonus is in the stars for you, which makes you balanced and motivated to reach even higher. If you are in an unstable situation, you get access to better projects which will improve your current situation. Jupiter will support you in your quest to participate in new projects and progress. You increased confidence and courage will make you more effective in 2014 with a stronger attraction for the coming day. You are ready to work hard whether it is at work, at home, with family or hobbies . Don't exaggerate in your ambitions and hard work, set clear boundaries. Find the balance and make time to have fun. You're surely in the spotlight, you are valued for who you are and what you do ! Jupiter and Uranus will support you in your professional skills and you will get the recognition you so deserve. Some people get jealous because of your success, so act in the modest way. Modesty is a lesson you need to learn in 2014.


If you follow a study, you have to deal with ups and downs. Your mood can change dramatically, sometimes it is difficult to stop or to concentrate and learn. If you are able to control your emotions, you give yourself positive energy and that will have a positive impact on your grades and final result.


Besides career is love an important item in 2014. In the year 2013 you love life was quite messy, because you had to invest or was confronted with many problems. Also in 2014 you have to deal with an indefinable feeling. Even though you have many romantic plans, your love life is not very stable or has suffered cracks. Love needs besides intimacy a little space in order to grow. Budding love be converted this year in steady relationships. In a committed relationship the fire of love flares up again.


In 2013 the financial position was already improving , that trend continues in 2014 in a favorable way. In 2013 financial problems were addressed and this year you make concrete-ideas. In the last three months of this year there is a short-term capital inflows to see, which will help to create a financial plan to achieve. Please note that this year less expenditure should be done. Because of the financial management you learn to have financial control that will make you will feel more at ease. September is a good month for financial decisions or to make an investment. Beware of risky financial adventures that will cost you dearly.


The influence of Jupiter and Uranus affects your social life in a positive way. It provides you opportunities for interpersonal communication and reflection on your own behavior. It gives you the determination to develop your goals and achieve them.
A good friend will ask for your help this year, you will prove to be a great support. By offering a helping hand to those who are in need of advice and support, you will find that this gesture will be rewarded with a close friendship. In the spring your creative side awakens. In this area you come in contact with people who need your help.


In 2014 Cancer feels better than in the past four years. Your mind gets wings that will carry you toward your dreams and goals. Be aware this year for fire or high temperatures, you may get yourself burned. Also, you should avoid alcohol and spicy food. To remain in good condition , it is wise to use dietary supplements. Also drink lots of water to rinse unwanted substances out of your body. After all, your body is your soul's temple.


  • Cancer who are born from July 2 have Jupiter on their side in 2014, the planet that indicates happiness, prosperity and success. 
  • In mid- July 2014 Jupiter moves into Leo. Cancer older than 30 years will experience one or more periods of progress, growth and improvement again in 2015.
  • The first three weeks of February are under the influence of Venus favorable for rest, relaxation and fun. 
  • From the second week of May, Venus in the sign of Cancer works advantageously in love or holiday. Christmas 2014 is no different than a Merry Christmas to each and every Cancer.

Almost every moment has something beautiful in store for Cancer.

  • In 2013 every Cancer born on or around July 2 with the Sun at 10 degrees 27 minutes of Cancer has been allowed to taste the benefits of Uranus -Pluto and
  • Jupiter combinations. They will be treated two times in the first quarter of 2014 another warm shower. The Cancer of July 2 is in the middle of a hectic period, with help, support and a positive view of the future come in handy !