Horoscope for Aries 2014



The year 2014 will be in many respects a more stable , more productive and more relaxed year than in 2013. In recent years you have had to deal with disappointments and changes. You have been under pressure and you will notice that life will change for the better. You find your balance and yourself back !
In general, 2014 will be a constructive and fruitful year on personal, professional, relational and social level. A year in which you strengthen the relationship with yourself and others. Especially after the second half of the year your confidence will return and you'll be back on the right track. You will find peace in your life, in love life and career too. But be aware, do not sit back and relax Aries, keep working to believe in yourself ! Do not be dissuaded, but follow your own path. Work hard, invest in yourself, your studies, career and your relationshi, show sympathy for others and always be patient for the best result!


Your career is number one this year. Are you tired of the grind at work, then you ’ll make an important decision, wether you'll find another job, or you search and find a new challenge ! You follow your heart and go your own way. Many things will fall into place this year for Aries , such as finding a dream job. Anyway, have patience to reach your goal. Have confidence in yourself in 2014 and you will achieve professional success. Build a good understanding with the elderly in your work and professional life, these are invaluable this year.


A romantic relationship can deepen in 2014. Is that good ? Maybe you need more personal freedom this year.

Liberation, freedom and ( in) dependence is a theme which will be prominent . Do not let a partner determine your pace. Love is a verb, you must work together to establish a happy relationship. The second half of 2014 is favorable one for love. From early 2014, respect the feelings and thoughts of your partner, mutual understanding between the both of you is so important. Try to solve problems without the intervention of others. For single Aries the months of March and April will be particularly favorable, you would be able to meet your dreampartner. It is possible that you tie the knot this year, Aries !


You actually always worry about your financial position. Keep in mind that all the more this year is a little less. Hold on to what you have. Your income does not show large fluctuations. It stabilizes so you are able to do what you want to do. You can generate money from a hobby ! Do not run too fast, watch your spending and be careful to invest your money. The last quarter of 2014 can be profitable.


The year 2014 is to strengthen relationships, close friendships and to reconnect with friends and family. The connection with more people in your personal and professional life bring more success. By giving, you will also receive. Tolerance and patience will help you to build the way to the heart of your loved ones. Prevent your relationships not going to over- analyze or over-considering a business thing. Deepening existing relationships gives you warmth and a sense of security.


Your health will remain stable in 2014. Do not worry too much, but be aware of yourself and your health !


In May, the month of love, Venus is in Aries. It's always a good thing when Venus is in your sign, but Aries is the sign in which Venus doesn’t feel good as it is. Venus in Aries is quick, sharp and sometimes a little flammable. In the spring Venus is often dominated by ''love at first sight".
Venus is not only the symbol of love. Venus is also the symbol of little joys in life, entertainment and "relax". Venus is favorable for Aries from the night of 2 on 3 May 2014 to 28th May 2014. So plan your holiday, Aries ! Or, even better, between August 12 and September 5, or between 17 November and 11 December, when Venus winks her eyelashes to your sun.

  • Jupiter in 2014 is a pleasant traveling companion on the Aries who was born in March and the first 13 days of April !
  • From mid-July to early September 2014, Jupiter in Aries is most kind to the March Aries who have their birth chart in first ten degrees of the sign Leo. That favors traveling abroad.
  • From September to December is a fine Jupiter period for the Aries who were born in the first thirteen days of April
  • A very pleasant period for the Aries born 11 or 12 April, the second half of November and the first 10 days of December. It’s part-time with Venus and Jupiter!
  • The Aries born 2-12 April May in the first half of 2015 a further advantage of the favorable position of Jupiter!


Aries born after April 13 must delay travel and look forward to some fortunate after July 2015.