Aquarius Horoscope 2014



The year 2014 is similar to 2013 in many ways. Positive developments can be expected in your finances and work. Changes are not disruptive, rather a welcome change.
In the area of love and friendship in 2014 requires your warm attention! The present Air Element supports your adaptability and mental abilities. A year full of golden opportunities with social and professional connections that will help you in the near future.
Your main focus and the greatest satisfaction is: your body, yourself, family and friends, children, creativity, entertainment, leisure, health, work, love and romance . What you need to overcome challenges is to regularly keeping you stamina and energy levels stable.


This year is a more serious and work-oriented year, mainly in August 2014. Your work is your satisfaction and energy! Your professional life is colored by many changes and positive results. If you are a mentor, a guide or a consultant, then this year is a great time to let your popularity grow and bringing back inner skills ! If you've been faithful to your work you can now reap the benefits of it in the form of a promotion or bonus. Your expertise will be noticed by your boss. Your creative and innovative skills are the keys to success. Especially around June and July you will enjoy the positive results.


Most Aquarians had to endure many things in the domestic area during 2012 and 2013. All events have led to new and better mutual patterns. In the field of Home & Hearth has the peace returned and shows a picture of contentment. You won’t have the urge to make drastic changes in this area. Of course there are periods this year where certain actions will be required. There will be movement the form of travel, a change of residence of movement will not be in order. Brothers, sisters and children will move house this year or expand their home. A great time for buying art objects or furniture for the home . A good year for refurbishing and maintaining the house. Family gatherings proceed harmoniously. Children will be a challenge this year . Your natural inclination is to give them complete freedom and treat them as equals. And although this is idealistic and perhaps politically correct, it is dysfunctional. This will encounter you in the coming year. Theories are beautiful in a book, but in the fire of daily life most theories explode to pieces. Getting the right balance between love and discipline is the main challenge. Finding the right balance between freedom and constraint.


Communication is the key for you in love affairs . Misunderstandings and suspicions are cleared by the appropriate communication so that your relationship can grow and strengthen. Spend some time with your partner out to avoid a negative atmosphere. Treat your partner with respect. New ideas and short trips provide the necessary variety in your relationship.
For the single Aquarius there is good news ! You appeal and natural charm work like a magnet. Around your birthday and the end of the year you will see positive changes. If you think that love only comes from one side, you tend to worry. Things will change soon. Have patience, before you know it love will find you.


A very happy and productive social life this year! Romance is one of the highlights. Three interesting things happen simultaneously this year. Saturn causes some disappointment about committed love affairs. Jupiter causes a desire for stability. Uranus encourages you to ever greater freedom and independence. .... The Cosmos has plans for you, this all is meant as a prelude to something new ! In mid- 2014 circumstances will lead to action. A love affair is over. In your committed relationship will be more space for friendship, personal freedom and simultaneously devoted love, more durability. Draught is however hard to find. Single Aquarians meet someone within the circle of friends who admires your independence and autonomy or someone who is just as freedom-loving as you.


It is a good financial year, a year in which surely changes will occur. Especially in the spring. There is more money in the last quarter of 2014 in the form of promotion, bonus or reward. Friends and a new love play a big role in your financial situation. More purchases. Writers, teachers, and Aquarians working in the communication world will have a prosperous year. Until August there are good opportunities to find a job. If you are your own boss you’ll attract the right employees. Mid this year, some problems occur . Make an inventory of debts and loans to avoid future problems. Speak your savings or assets to solve any shortages. Go for the essential and avoid unwanted expenses. Financial success comes when you stay true to yourself, your intuition will serve as a guideline.


Your health looks very good this year. The Air Element is, as mentioned, the strongest element in the coming year and this is a great indicator of health. The power of Air also gives you an overactive mind, which makes you over-stimulated. Too much thinking and talking makes you uneasy at some point. Meditation is good for your mind to relax. Self-esteem and self-confidence are good. Make sure you are in a positive state of mind. Take preventive measures, too. Your feet and ankles need this year attention. Foot reflexology and general foot massage is recommended. Maintaining your stamina will for some Aquarians prove to be an important item this year, especially after August you will be often fatigued by worry and anxiety, which make you irritable. Social and family relationships can have a negative impact on your health. Watch your diet to keep your immune system level. Physical exercise and artistic expression are needed to relax yourself. Get that vacation this year. Stick to your diet, avoid alcohol, fat and sweet food. Eye problems should occur at the end of the year.


The best moments of love, peace and holidays for Aquarius are to be expected in the following periods in 2014:

  • March 5 to 5th April
  • 24 June to July 18 m
  • September 30 to 22 October

 Due to Jupiter Aquarius won’t be in favor until September 2016, but regarding to travel this period seems to be very favorable!