Yearly Horoscope

Astrological general trends for the year 2014 for all zodiac signs
What is going to happen in 2014 and how will this be reflected in the trends around us?
Will 2014 be a better year?
The square conflict between Pluto and Uranus will again dominate this year. The challenging Square between these two planetary giants will be exact in April and December this year. As Above So Below ... The conflict that high above us our Earth is fought rumbles down with us on our own planet Earth. The last time these two planets met was over 45 years ago, 1964-1966.
The unrest and violence of the square caused between Pluto and Uranus triggers the Earth since 2011 and will have a strong presence this year . Pluto symbolizes transformation and money, Uranus symbolizes revolution and upheaval, Uranus will remain until March 2019 in Fire sign Aries which provides encourage, imagination, innovation and many radical new ideas for the future.
The contrast between good and evil stands out sharply in 2014 .
Uranus challenges Pluto in their square conflict on April 22 and December 15 2014 and this will repeat until March 16, 2015, whig will be for the last time. Uranus rules radical new ideas and the future, as well as democracies and the common man. Pluto rules the plutocrats, big business, big money, government and the ruling class. Uranus is associated with liberal thinking and Pluto with all that is conservative .

The year starts with a retrograde Venus in Capricorn, we do not find our work, career and life path so important and believe that everything will fall into place.

Also in 2014, Saturn continues its journey through the intense Scorpio, a long journey which began in October 2012 and will end in the end of December this year. The whole period of Saturn in Scorpio will be until september 18, 2015. is for us on Earth, a time of reckoning and exposure , a time where in moral issues the darkest secret will be revealed. The energies of Pluto and Saturn dominate in 2014, especially since these planets are in mutual reception, they work together, as it were. Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign of Pluto and Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn. With Saturn in Scorpio is financial responsibility a big item. Under the influence of Saturn in Scorpio, more corruption and fraud will be evinced within the banking and insurance .
Many are also hampered in their desire for freedom and privacy .

The first half year of 2014 is a period of opposing energies, a period which will be hard to make any progress, not only in your personal life but also in the world around us. It looks as if you're stuck in a pattern and do not know which way to go. All kind of action you take result in little or no visible outcome. Both personal and collective area we will be faced with issues that can no longer be ignored and must be addressed. This year, the expectation is that more firms go into bankruptcy, people end up in debt and unemployment will continue to rise.
In the first half of 2014 the influence of Jupiter in Cancer emphasizes everything that has to do with home and hearth, family, mother and emotions. If you have a job where Cancer is connected, you may see a clear upswing in creative and intellectual atmosphere. Solutions are found in the family problems and issues from the past. We also see reforms in the social services and home and family care organizations. With Jupiter in Cancer the other Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces benefit from more opportunities in the field of social activities, travel , romance or learning a new language. It is even possible to establish abroad if the job requires.
From July 17 2014 Jupiter will be traveling through the zodiac further in the fire sign Leo . Until August 2015, things like love , creativity , self-development , children and having fun will be more important .
From December 8, 2014 Jupiter will be retrograde in Leo. A retrograde planet causes confusion, delays and misunderstandings. Jupiter is prohibited travel, law , religion , overseas transactions and higher education . Within these areas frustrations will be expected in the last month of 2014.

From December 8, 2013 the red planet Mars will be traveling through Cardinal sign Libra, where it will remain till July 26, 2014. In the sign of Libra Mars will be forming together with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Ram and Jupiter in Cancer, a very powerful planet pattern. It is going to be a fierce early 2014 that holds a great promise to further change. Mars usually resides on average, two months in a sign, but by retrograde operation resides up from March 1 to July 26, 2014 stationary in Libra ! During this period, there will be fighting … there will be conflict with loved ones place , contrary to promises and less jump into the breach for another person or cause. A challenging period in which the military threat especially in the Middle East will be great.

We must be responsible for our own destiny and not rely on governments who provide stability and security for our future. That responsibility lies with us all !
The influence of the Water Triangle formed by Jupiter in Cancer in 2013, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio will energetically continue until mid- 2014. This will temporarily take lead greater confidence in economic and political systems, which leads to a small economic revival . Should this actually occur, this will not last until mid- 2014. An improvement will be followed by a sharp decline in the course of 2014 and later .

In nature many natural disasters can be expected. Jupiter, the planet of Greater and More, remains to July 16, 2014 in Water sign Cancer and due to this impact floods and torrential rains are expected in Europe and Asia, especially Japan and the Philippines are at risk. Earthquakes in Japan, but also in Europe , think of Italy , Turkey and Bulgaria . Earthquakes and floods occur in the most unexpected places on earth , while weather patterns show themselves in the most erratic way.
Neptune in Pisces causes for the next 14 years more flooding, tsunamis and excess water, especially in coastal areas . Extreme weather patterns , which shift from very cold to very hot. There are also problems with the water supply, water quality and waterpolution .

Due to Neptune in Pisces many are struggling to distinguish between fantasy and reality ... The influence of social media , virtual reality and computer games contribute to more violence in our cities .
In general, 2014 will be a year of continuing global crisis with more riots and demonstrations . A year of high unemployment and lower stock market gains also price manipulation . We have to deal with rising food and oil prices and problems with electrical power . Alternative energy sources such as wind turbines , solar power and hydrogen power plants are gaining more ground .
Despite the crisis , some companies grow, especially in the medical field and food industry. New food technology and new types of restaurants , more knowledge of nutrition and diet forms and health products . The focus is placed on organic food and its preservation. Water purification will be further advanced . Also in security is a growing market expected . There are new forms of reporting. Traditional newspapers will lose more ground to make way for the growing role of social media .

Neptune is still at the beginning of the own sign of Pisces , which symbolizes fantasy , dreams , mysticism and illusion . For those working in the mental health world or who is involved with conducting psychological research, 2014 is a pretty amazing year in which new technologies are developed, in which the influence of the paranormal world and other levels of consciousness be further investigated . Demand will rise to alternative medicine and alternative therapies . Neptune in Pisces is also an aura of apparent calm pitching situations that require attention . People can get a fatalistic sense , an ' careless ' business sense in which they prefer to leave it all up to others . With Neptune in Pisces the craving grows to a quiet and peaceful existence and some go really their dream. There have created groups that come together to help others and to support each other as we have seen already in the sixties, a modern hippy movement . Now that prices will rise further and incomes will fall further , we show more initiatives to make their own vegetables grow up own nurseries and trade or provide services in order to connect and parts . Mutual barter will grow.

In the middle of the opposite squaring planets high above in the sky we live on our planet Earth . We all want to look ahead , we want to work, change relationships and location, but we are forced to pull back , avoiding risks and procrastinating . It will be a huge effort to break free from old , destructive habit patterns to create a new and uncertain , but happier life. Old structures no longer work and increasingly disappear under your feet . The old things of the past will be gone forever. The old days are gone, times are changing…. You can experience feelings of loneliness , isolation and desolation , but try to stay strong and realize that the reason this happens has to do with the fact that you yourself unconsciously want in this life yourself . The old relationships in which you are not happy or were , the job you have and do not want , the lack of purpose or direction in life . All this should or should change to give you a feeling of valuable destination on Earth .
This year you get the chance to grow to a higher vibration , but before you can do so you have to release the old and confidence in the new and unknown .

All characters in 2014 are to progress, but particularly for Scorpio and Capricorn 2014 will be a magical time sense of happiness and love .
Pisces and Libra are the characters in which love this year will play a major role.
Gemini and Aries find a solution to the most intractable problems .
For those born under the fire sign Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 2014 is a year in which their main focus will be on the job and other responsibilities , career goals and money making. In these areas there will be some improvements , lots of activity , action and rapidly changing circumstances . For Leo there sufficient opportunities and options that can lead to great success , especially in and around the birthday . Sagittarius may find his or her true calling and passion devoted to something that will be very lucrative and satisfying .
They are family business, private enterprises and domestic matters especially the Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Despite the hard work and personal commitment in these matters , they will not be disappointed with the results . The tide will change in the second half of 2014 with an extension to the end of the year in favor return for Aquarius .
Forging strong connections will help the Air signs stable, safe and feel supported .
Those born under the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn there will be the change in their relationships and friendships or how to develop it. Positively awareness in 2014 They can look forward to a more open attitude of people who have mysteriously shown with issues from the past . Taurus will his or her performance to record levels seen rise this year .
The Earth signs can look forward to a year of rewards , respect and recognition .
The year 2014 was a particularly strong year for all Cardinal signs , Aries , Cancer, Libra and Capricorn , but also the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces take advantage of the particularly powerful energy of 2014. Creativity plays for Cancer this year a major role , this sign excelled this year in skills and talents.
The Water signs are faced with unexpected changes , which they adapt to different types of environments , experiences and relationships .

Some economists predict a rebound in the economy. This optimistic forecast is living under the influence of the Great Water Triangle , but this is only a short time . We should not jump to think that the crisis largely behind us and that we can invest in the future with confidence.
The strong position of Uranus in Aries will also teach us in the next 6 years that we must take into account: only expect the unexpected . Large fluctuations and uncertainty is not easy to take . There are opportunities . You can make a fortune , but also lose . The key for 2014, despite all the message of compassion and love for people who come together and help each other through all the changes and .
We can choose to make 2014 an enjoyable and joyful year or we can make it even more difficult for ourselves and for others . The choice is ours . Let's work together instead of hating each other . Let's think beyond we can observe and share our knowledge and expertise.
Let's grow together to for new and better future for us all .

Marlies Goovers