Scorpio October 2019


With most planets on the eastern side of the Scorpio horoscope, October 2019 is a month of independence and personal power to create conditions for yourself. This is the month in which you can achieve your dreams to a certain extent.

A month of independence, vitality and inner growth, of self-confidence and personal desires, but you find that you still need others to get what you want.

Your personal and universal solar cycle is in their growing phase, because

The New Moon of October 28, 2019 falls in Scorpio! Congratulations, Scorpio!

October 2019 is largely dominated by many developments in the home and family.

Love and Relationships

October 2019 is all about temptation. The influence of Neptune in Pisces in your House of Love makes everything more beautiful than it actually is or can be. Every temptation is fascinatingly beautiful, but can also be deceptive. The danger of illusion can lead to sadness and disappointment, but with the power of forgiveness, most wounds heal. On October 13, 2019, Venus faces retrograde Uranus in Taurus and that causes tension and excitement in the relationship. A new romance can certainly be exciting, but is short-lived. On October 21, 2019, Venus faces retrograde Neptune and that is the recipe for romance, tenderness, creativity, being together and being together as friends.

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus in your House of Relationships makes you long for long journeys and cultural and spiritual topics. Love can come your way during a trip abroad, at work, social and spiritual meetings or during networking.

Family and Home

Pluto is connected with the sign Scorpio. From October 3, 2019, Pluto in Capricorn turns direct again. Unprocessed and suppressed anger in the family can lead to unexpected surprises and challenges for the Scorpio in October 2019.

Neptune is your children’s planet. Your children and children in your immediate environment are currently going through major changes. Children have no sense of direction at this stage of life. They desperately need your support and life experience. The whole month of October 2019 you are open to everyone you need. In the first half of the month there is more communication with brothers and sisters. Recreational journeys by plane, road or water, more e-mails, messages and phone calls. The second half of the month is dedicated to the deeper connection with 

siblings, family and neighbors.


To be successful, you depend on business connections, social contacts or personal commitment or ambition to achieve and maintain professional successes or further progress. October 2019 is the month of networking, good listening and observing and especially striking at the right time. You may be distracted in the first half of October 2019 and that may have to do with a romance at work.

With the Sun in Libra, good results can be achieved in the first three weeks of October 2019 with a study, research, travel, publication, tourism and import-export.

The Full Moon of October 13, 2019 falls in your House of Work. Current projects will be completed in the coming two weeks, at work and at home. The Full Moon also shows an increase in work and there is the possibility of a new job. The Full Moon of October 13, 2019 also shows that it is time to resolve any issues with a business partner or customer.


The Full Moon of October 13, 2019 falls into your House of Work. The second half of October 2019 shows more sales in your company, salary increase, bonus, commission or a new job. 

A period starts in your company to determine the budget for the long term, to make an investment and to make financial plans for the future, including your pension planning. Venus is your planet of Relations. Venus in Scorpio from October 9th, 2019 shows that a new relationship is interwoven with money. Financial goals can be pursued through love. The New Moon in Scorpio of October 28, 2019 shows that in November 2019 more money will come in through a new job or more sales in your company or by taking financial risks in business ventures.


The New Moon of September 28, 2019 fell into your twelfth House of Cosmic Consciousness and Detachment. Because of this cosmic influence you need more relaxation this month. Regular exercise and a good and varied diet is essential to stay healthy and fit. Because of this influence you can suffer from your muscles, legs and feet in October 2019.

The time has come to pay more attention to yourself. The Full Moon of October 13, 2019 falls into your House of Health. The second half of October 2019 is the best time to start a diet. Rest is very important this month. Flu or a cold is a sign to slow down. From October 23, 2019, the Sun enters your own sign of Scorpio. You will automatically get more energy, but this is primarily intended for yourself. Rest and quiet contemplation are vital for your mental health in October 2019.


Venus in Scorpio is your secret weapon from October 9th, 2019.

Because of this magnetic attraction you get exactly what you want.

On October 28, 2019, the Sun in Scorpio stands opposite Uranus in Taurus. On that day there are unexpected events such as an exciting encounter or something that turns everything upside down. These unexpected and potentially unwanted changes can manifest in yourself through a partner or an external event. Time for change!

It is not always based on a well thought out plan, but on the basis of an impulse.

You will certainly notice this at the beginning of October 2019. Focus on finding and maintaining true love. The truth is in your subconscious mind.


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