Leo October 2019


Leo October 2019

In October 2019, most planets will also be at the bottom of the Leo horoscope.
The Night. The Night is about inner processing, recovery, family and domestic circumstances.
Collaboration and consensus in order to achieve your goals is becoming increasingly important.
The main focus areas for Leo in October 2019 are family, relatives, siblings, social life, cooperation and being together, education and creativity.

Love and Relationships
October 2019 is a romantic month from a planetary point of view, but it is up to you to make the best of it! It is important that your attention goes out to the one you love. Put your beloved on a pedestal, show him or her how deep your love is. Putting wishes and desires of your loved one above your own will create an emotional, loving and magical space!
October 2019 is the month of meeting new people and bonding relationships that are important for the future. Together you achieve more than alone. Romantically, single Leo would rather wait and see what happens. From October 21, 2019 the Sun enters the sign Scorpio. It is important that you give each other space in order to give love a chance. Your new love needs space, just as much as you do. The second half of October 2019 promises to be very romantic.

Family and Home
October 2019 is not a stable month for your private life, because peace and harmony are hard to find. There is old pain that has never been resolved. Children also feel that tension at home and that is detrimental to their school performance. It is up to you to restore peace to the family.
A joint trip can strengthen the mutual bond and help restore peace and harmony. Family problems can be solved by the end of the month.
The New Moon in Scorpio of October 28, 2019 shows developments among school-going children or the search for the right education or study program for yourself or your children.
It is possible that a relocation, repair, renovation or major cleaning is in progress.
In any case, a fresh wind is blowing through your house.

On October 8, 2019, the Sun is square on Saturn in Capricorn, meaning a sense of limitation and discouragement by certain duties and responsibilities. A day of deadlines, time limits, being under pressure or other important tasks at home, at school or at work. Make every effort to achieve your goals. The longer you postpone something, the bigger the problem will become.
The Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019 brings inspiration and shows that a business trip can be both pleasant and profitable. When traveling, you come into contact with investors and people who are interested in your business projects. The Full Moon also shows good results for research and study. Follow your intuition with everything.
On October 28, 2019, the Sun is opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus and that challenge brings unrest, unexpected and exciting encounters or exciting changes that can manifest in yourself, through a partner or through an external event.

October 2019 shows a favorable month for making investments due to the influence of Mars in the House of Finance. Revenue mainly comes from offering your financial expertise. Speculations give good returns. Money is spent on charity activities and friends. However, be careful not to spend too much money this month.
From October 21, 2019 there will be peace in your financial situation. From that period there will also be room for new mutual financial projects.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces makes you need mental and spiritual balance.
October 2019 is a good time to go on holiday or for a retreat.
Take time for yourself.
Due to the influence of Mars in Libra you have to be careful this month that you do not set the bar too high for yourself, but also that you do not overdo it with too much or too little food or physical or mental stress.
October 2019 also shows a warning. You only have one body and that is the temple where your soul resides.
Take regular rest and relaxation. Regularity is the magic word. So regularly to the gym or get away from it all. A good idea is to work out together. Think of your breathing! Work for half an hour, rest for fifteen minutes. Rest in your heart and mind offers room for creativity and creative solutions.

From October 31 to November 20, 2019, Mercury turns retrograde in your Home of Family and Home. Time for private circumstances, inner peace and quiet, making plans for home and garden, starting a study or allowing something new to be born out of yourself. During this cycle, the attention for Leo goes out to personal affairs, domestic affairs, family, personal past and loved ones.