Cancer October 2019


Most planets are still at the bottom of the Cancer horoscope. The Night.

This period is cosmically intended as a time of preparation, inner processing, preparation and evaluation, because soon the focus will soon be on the outside world.

Cancer is therefore still building the infrastructure of future success.

The focus in October 2019 is on love, collaboration, career, finance, home and family, creativity and social contacts.

Love and Relationships

On October 9, 2019, the love planet Venus enters your House of Love and Creativity, Cancer and that promises an exciting month of sensuality and self-expression of Cancer.

Venus is opposite to Uranus on October 12, 2019, and that aspect brings a deep desire for excitement and romantic developments. Many Cancerians are also going to meet new people and make new friendships during social gatherings.

The New Moon of October 28, 2019 in the House of Love is the cosmic gateway to a new social period. It can also be the start of a long-term business partnership, the consolidation of a love relationship or finding true love!

Family and Home

From October 5th to November 19th 2019, Mars “marches” through Libra, so through your House of Family and Home. This period also points to dynamic domestic activities in October 2019. Buying or selling a house or real estate or moving house, building a house or renovating. Due to the influence of Mars, October 2019 is also a favorable month for a beautiful holiday with your family.

Venus is your planet of the House of Family and House. The transit from Venus to October 18, 2019 indicates a sentimental, stable and harmonious period at home, your children and in your private life. A favorable period for a new interior or renovation.


October 2019 is a favorable month for making lucrative business trips, for higher education or study abroad or business-oriented training.

The Full Moon in Aries of October 13, 2019 in your Career Home shows the importance of networking and finding useful contacts. The Full Moon shows positive results on your job search. The Full Moon also shows that a business trip can be both pleasant and profitable. Collaboration, personal persuasion and charming presence open the door to future success and fine developments in your career or social position. The completion of a project and the prelude to a new period in which your career will become more important. But first there must be order in your private life.


The Sun is connected to the House of Finance for Cancer. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 2019 affects the finances of Cancer in the long term. Since then there has been stability in your financial situation, so it remains as it is. There are developments in the financial situation of your spouse, loved one, family member or business partner. However, the financial results are not forthcoming or are faced with delays or investments are proving not to be profitable for the time being. Profit can be achieved this month through social contacts, partner, family, the application of cost-saving techniques, sales and marketing activities and saying goodbye to everything you no longer serve. Spending money on the house, family and luxury items. Watch your finances on October 31, 2019.


October 2019 shows a fluctuating picture with regard to your health.

Especially in the first three weeks of October 2019 you can suffer from stress and fatigue, because a lot is required of you at work and in your daily life.

You need exercise to channel the high energy level of October 2019.

Regularly going to the gym, regular walking and cycling or swimming helps to release the tension and strengthen your immune system. When you exercise, you can function better at work and in daily life.


Wanting to be independent is good, but sometimes it is worthwhile allowing other people into your life when you want to make a decision. This month you see clear changes in your relationship and social circle. These changes mean that you also have to make adjustments to your lifestyle.

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