Aries October 2019


From October 5th 2019, your planet Mars travels through Libra, so October 2019 is a social month of being together and especially of making meaningful contacts.

Well-considered choices, social skills and cooperation are the keys to success in October 2019.

The Full Moon in Aries of October 12, 2019 shows self-confidence, thirst for action and fighting spirit!

Most planets are at the top of the Aries horoscope, so focus is on the outside world, personal ambitions and social goals. Health and private life require some attention, Aries.

Love and Relationships

October 2019 is a social month. You love being together and you know how to set the right tone at parties or social affairs.

Your partner, colleagues, employees or friends are impressed! You meet the right people in the right places. The single Aries finds love at a party, the gym or at social gatherings, so don’t turn down an invitation! Romanticism reigns supreme in the permanent relationship. At the beginning of October 2019 there can be troubles, but your relationship can take a hit.

From the second week of October 2019, you’ll e right on track. Make time for love, because your career is demanding right now. Listen to that good advice at the end of October 2019!

Family and Home

You get busier in your career and that means that there is less time left for your private life. 

You may experience emotional unrest in your environment. That unrest can have its origin within yourself. It is important that you set healthy boundaries for yourself in your family. Your private life is nevertheless the most important pillar of your career.

Your children or children in the family get great career opportunities this month.

You work hard which is appreciated, but you are even more appreciated for your warm interest and presence. By the end of the month there is room for a pleasant autumn holiday with friends or family, so quality time!


From mid-August 2019, your planet Mars has paved the way to make progress in your career. October 2019 is a downright creative month. October 2019 also a good month to apply and for business trips! October 2019 is the month of making meaningful contacts for professional growth.

The entry of the Sun into Libra from October 23, 2019 brings the Aries completely in balance. From the second half of October 2019 it is advisable to be critical and to check everything twice. From October 31 to November 20, 2019, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury is your planet of Work and Communication. During this period there are irregularities with documents, contracts, exams or visas, so be careful. Back up your computer files in advance.


Venus is your planet of finance. Venus travels from October 9, 2019 to November 1, 2019 through your House of Shared Finances. A very favorable period for financial matters. October 2019 is therefore a favorable financial month in which existing problems with regard to real estate and insurance are resolved. This month, thanks to the influence of Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, you can attract new financial partners and investments for your company.

The New Moon of October 28, 2019 also falls in your House of Shared Finance. This New Moon can indicate a favorable court ruling, payment, bonuses and commissions. October 2019 is a month in which you reap the benefits of investments that you have made in the past.


Your health may be somewhat vulnerable in October 2019.

Due to the influence of the Sun in Libra, you are more aware of imbalances in your life in the first three weeks of October 2019. Moderation and regular exercise is the magic word to create balance in your life.

All that excitement in your life and your high energy require movement and fresh air.

Being active and spending time in the free nature is the best way to deal with irritability and inner emotional turmoil. Pay attention to your breathing.


Take it easy, Aries. You cannot walk faster than your own shadow.

Listen to that good advice at the end of October 2019!

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