October 2019

Mundane astrological forecast for October 2019

Autumn is in full swing, nature changes in collier into red and gold and stillness appears.
However, the Wine Month of October 2019 is a month of transformation, upheaval and challenges.

With the Sun in social and outward-looking Libra, the first three weeks of October 2019 are all about balance, productivity and communication, but also about the need to adapt to circumstances.

As the month progresses, it is Scorpio’s turn and the outward energy shifts inwards to a serious energy that requires stability and clarity.

From October 3, 2019, Pluto in Capricorn turns direct after a long retrograde period since April 24, 2019.

In the last Summer of 2019, retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn were opposite the Southern Node in Cancer. This tense and painful opposition is coming to an end.
Saturn in Capricorn has been running direct since September 17th 2019, and so Pluto in Capricorn turns direct.
Karmic lessons about responsibility have been learned and we have been learning these the hard way in order to continue our path with confidence.
Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn has tested our patience, but as you may know, all good things come to those who wait.

Pluto is connected to Scorpio, Pluto is money and everything that lies hidden beneath.
Pluto is the Ruler of the Underworld which first breaks everything down in order to recreate a better world.
The time has come to move ahead with intended future plans.
However, its shadow period remains in effect until January 20, 2020, so from that period onwards real progress can be seen such as growth, renewal, positive political developments and reforms.

From October 4, 2019, Mercury shifts to the intense waters of Scorpio.
Due to this retrograde effect, Mercury remains in Scorpio for quite a long time.
A period in which our thinking, special exchanges and perception will be deep, penetrating and transformative.
Mercury in Scorpio is a sharp, astute, incisive and observing energy, especially when it comes to emotions, desires and interpersonal relationships, financial matters, long-term investments and all what it takes to bring things together.
This intensity, leaves no stone  unturned until the beginning of December 2019, answers will be found. We will be able to perceive and rationalize to what extent we are influenced by the changing situation in the world in general.

From August 19, 2019, Mars in Virgo was focused on details and preparation.
Mars will move to Libra from October 5th 2019 and will remain there until November 19th 2019.
In the air sign of Libra, the energy of Mars will be focused on cooperation, creativity and the formation, stimulation and building of partnerships and relationships.
Everyone who is born with their Sun, Moon or ascendant in Libra benefits from this energy.
However, the energy of the red Warrior Mars in “peaceful” Libra can also lead to conflicts in relationships and partnerships in Libra.
For those with the Sun, Moon or ascendant in Aries or Scorpio, this Mars in Libra energy can be very challenging and competitive in business as well as the personal sphere.

Due to the influence of Mercury in Scorpio opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus and the Sun in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn, the second week of October 2019 can be troubled and lead to major mundane challenges.
Venus is also shifting to Scorpio from October 9th 2019, which is an "all or nothing" energy and may lead to jealousy, possessiveness and disputes especially in the field of trade, interpersonal relationships and international relations.
Astrologically, Venus doesn’t feel at ease in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is more introverted, more introverted, but no less dangerous, because Venus might be playing on feelings and especially where it hurts most.

During the Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019, Venus in Scorpio is exactly opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus and that can be the cause of global turmoil in the financial markets.
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On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, we can look forward to the annual Orionids meteor shower in the constellation of Orion.
Approximately 19 to 28 meteor "falling stars" can be seen which are dust particles from the Halley comet.

The Sun travels from October 23 to November 23, 2019 through the sign of Scorpio.
Scorpio is a period of self-transformation. Scorpio brings out our shadow side and reveals the truth which can lead to frustration and irritation.
The truth sets us free and leads to growth and reflection.

The Sun and Moon merge on October 28, 2019 and form the New Moon in Scorpio.
A New Moon of desires and the ability to turn these desires into action. The Sun and Moon opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus brings a major energy shift, such as an unexpected new beginning.
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We close October 2019 with the annual All Saints' Day or Halloween, also known as All Hallow’s Eve or Samhain. The ritual Celtic New Year! Samhain symbolizes marks both the end and the beginning of the Celtic New Year, marking the beginning of the ‘dark half’ of the year.
During Samhain, the mystic veil separating the dead from the living opened and it is possible to make contact with the other world and the souls that have passed.

On the last day of October 2019, Mercury turns retrograde at 27°36 in the financial sign of Scorpio.
During this retrograde period there may be financial delays with the bank, mortgage lender or credit applications. It feels as if the bill comes due or as if a new opportunity is being offered.
During retrograde Mercury there is hardly any progress, and if that were the case, decisions made during this period can be overturned.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Great Britain wants to leave the European Union on October 31th 2019. But is this really going to happen?
Astrologically, due to the influence of Mars in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn, there will be turmoil, chaos, tension, political opposition and frustration. Due to Mercury retrograde, Boris Johnson (born a Gemini) will have to be taken down a few notches or there may even be a resignation if he continues to pursue a No Deal Brexit.
It seems that there will be a postponement again until the end of 2019, the Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019 or mid-January 2020 when planetary giants Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will form their historical conjunction.

Wishing you all a beautiful month of October!