Libra November 2019


Libra November 2019

In this time of year, the planetary forces are on the Night side of the Libra horoscope.
The Night is about emotional well-being, inner peace and happiness, family and domestic activities. In November 2019 the emphasis will be on relationships, family, children, private, foreign, study, health and financial aspects.
The eastern part of the Libra horoscope is still heavily occupied and that means the emphasis is on independence and initiative and want to do things your way.

Love and Relationships
Uranus in Taurus travels through your House of the Soul and Intimacy. In your relationship, private or business, there may be ambiguities or unexpected events surrounding shared finances, sexuality and intimacy. High time to solve these problems, Libra.
The Full Moon of November 12th 2019 also falls in this House of the Soul. This Full Moon brings passion and romance. With this Full Moon, something beautiful can arise such as a birth or amalgamation. With this Full Moon you want to discover and deepen. You want answers to relationship questions, know where you stand and make plans for the future.
From November 26th 2019 your planet Venus will travel through Capricorn and with this transit solid solutions will be found for relationship problems by making them discussable.

Family and Home
November 2019 is the month of creativity, cosiness, lights and long walks in the gardens of Mother Nature. The influence of Saturn in Capricorn can also lead to a sense of limitations in terms of home and family. Private and family matters may require a lot of your attention such as children and the health of parents and elder relatives in your family. You want to guide everything in the right direction and just want to make everyone happy, but you are only human.
Mercury in Scorpio remains retrograde to November 20th 2019 emphasizes small details in the home that were overlooked earlier this year. These details have to do with spending and investments. In most cases, the cheapest is always the dearest in the end.

A theme this month is helping others at work and in daily life. Just by helping others, you are making progress, even though it seems like you are not. At the moment your career is on the back burner and this is a time for preparation.
November 2019 is a favorable month for business travel, education and business-oriented training. A good time to network and attend seminars.
It's quiet at work allowing you to have the space to do so. There are also problems that you have pushed forward and that now require a solution, such as work-related problems with colleagues or those in high places. When a problem is solved, there is room for growth.

November 2019 is a favorable financial month. Money is spent on expensive luxury items and study.
The Full Moon of November 12, 2019 falls in Libra, so the focus is on shared finances. Libra sees with this Full Moon the financial results such as a dividend payment or return on investments.
Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio from October 31th to November 20th 2019 in your House of Finance is a time to get your finances in order, so make time for a good financial plan or advice.
The New Moon of November 26, 2019 falls into your House of Finance. Because of this New Moon there are financial opportunities from that moment and in December 2019 such as a better paid job or business opportunity, promotion or a great offer for your company.

November 2019 shows a favorable month for your health.
However, it is important that you stick to a schedule, because you tend to skip a workout or a meal, because you have no time or think you have no time. What could be more important than your health? Listen to your inner voice and keep thinking positively. If you think positively, you radiate positivity and you also receive it back.
Retrograde Mercury at Scorpio in November 2019 can lead to skepticism and even negativity.
A reason to change your lifestyle.

Due to the influence of the Mercury retrograde in your House of Finance, you can lose the financial overview in November 2019. There are uncertainties that require a solution.
Financial possibilities and ideas from the past or proven methods can then bring results.