Capricorn November 2019


November 2019 is a month of independence and personal strength for the Capricorn. 

This time of year is a period of self-confidence and self-esteem, because most planets are on the left of the Capricorn horoscope. The Cosmos wants to know what you can achieve on your own. Most planets are still above the horizon so the focus is on the outside world, career and your skills, but that will soon change. Gradually the attention is shifted towards your private life and family. November 2019 is the month of being together, love, relationships, spiritual and financial growth.

Love and Relationships

November 2019 is the month of love. True love means safety and security for Capricorn. 

Giving and receiving true love is more important than all the money and success in the world. 

The Full Moon of November 12, 2019 falls into your House of Love, Romance and Fun! November 2019 is therefore a social month to spend fun moments with your loved one and your friends. 

A month of spontaneous fun, group activities, going out, parties, dancing, creativity, talking, making love and sporting events. This Full Moon promises unforgettable, passionate and loving moments! New relationships bring you into contact with your playful inner soul and with who you really are. On November 24th 2019, Mars opposition retrograde Uranus in Taurus means pent-up anger and suppressed rage can’t be contained no more. From November 27th 2019, Venus travels through Capricorn. A meeting makes your heart beat faster, so you know exactly what you have to do to win the love of your life.

Family and Home

November 2019 is all about being together. A month of parties and gatherings at home with friends and family, groups and group activities. Your children or children in your family or immediate environment require attention. This month you will make a decision about a friendship or a family relationship. The Full Moon of November 12th 2019 shows that you are going to organize activities with children such as a sporting or recreational event or a children’s party. Children grow up, get wings, fall in love or become parents themselves.

An older family member is willing to lend an ear and gives you support.

Neptune remains retrograde in Pisces until November 27th 2019. Neptune retrograde was a cosmic timeout. A quiet period of preparation to read or write a book, a course or the development of an artistic hobby. (Re) discovering your inner child is also part of this energy.


From 5th to November 19th 2019, red planet Mars will march through the House of Career.

An ambitious period of positive energy to start a new project or to start as an independent entrepreneur. Mars offers you apple opportunities, so take them with both hands.

Neptune is still retrograde in Pisces until November 27th 2019. During this period it is good to give a previously tested concept a second chance to be able to analyze and solve any problems. Capricorn is also willing to learn new creative skills that come in handy in daily activities.


At the beginning of the month, Mercury retrograde may cause some financial problems, but from November 23th 2019 there will be improvement such as sudden financial windfalls.

You will earn more and as a result there will be a solution for your financial problem. It is still advisable to first get clarity and postpone major purchases or financial decisions. Uranus is your planet of finances. Uranus in Taurus is still retrograde until January 10, 2020. So until then, take into account delays and disruptions due to this retrograde effect of Uranus.


The New Moon of November 12th, 2019 falls into your twelfth House of Cosmic Consciousness and Detachment. Because of this cosmic influence you need more relaxation this month. Mercury is your planet of Health. Every time Mercury is retrograde, you have to take your health into account. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio in November 2019, which may reveal problems that you would rather hide, but must be addressed.

Regular exercise and a good and varied diet is essential to stay healthy and fit. This influence can cause problems with your muscles, legs and feet, making it harder to travel.

From November 27th 2019, Neptune in Pisces will turn direct again and a solution can be found for health problems.


Capricorn is the steady go-getter who doesn’t want to give up. That’s why you always get what you want, even if it takes longer. So do not despair, but trust the good outcome!

Venus is your career planet. From November 27th 2019, Venus will travel through Capricorn. 

The influence of Venus shows that you are very creative this month and a not afraid to get off the beaten track. However, it is advisable to complete existing projects and also engage in charity and non-profit projects.

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