Cancer November 2019


This month, there is an important planetary shift towards the top of the Cancer horoscope. Cooperation, social skills and consensus to reach your goals are becoming increasingly important.

November 2019 is all about work, health, relationships, social life, finances.

Your family, emotional life and private matters require your attention.

Things will become clear to you in November 2019, Cancer.

Love and Relationships

The Full Moon of November 12th 2019 falls into your House of Friendships, groups and organizations. In your social circle something comes to completion, something to celebrate, to mourn or to regret.

Have faith. Trust your inner feeling before you make a decision.

Because of the influence of Saturn and Pluto in your House of Relationships, the focus is on the one-to-one relationship. Because of this influence, a new love or new partnership can be a real challenge. Relationship problems, however, are intended to improve, strengthen and make the relationship more sustainable or to end it.

Mars faces Uranus on November 24th 2019. Under this transit, unprocessed things from the past can lead to anger, revenge, rebellion and the freeing of responsibilities and obligations. Think carefully before you take action!

Family and Home

November 2019 is a family month for the Cancer. Spending more time with your family gives you emotional safety. When there is peace and stability at home, everything will naturally improve and that means the world to you. You want to do everything to make your home as cozy and pleasant as possible and that is appreciated by your family.

Until November 19th 2019, Mars still “marches” through Libra, which is your Home of Family and Home. This period points to dynamic domestic activities. Buying or selling a house or real estate or moving, building or renovating a house.

From November 27th, 2019, Neptune turns direct in Pisces again and that indicates a nice trip with your family!


Career growth can only be achieved in November 2019 through dedication and determination. You are being pressed and pulled from all sides, so you have to take care of restoring the balance in your private life and career. November 2019 is a favorable month for business trips and study especially abroad. Studying abroad offers Cancer unprecedented opportunities. The New Moon of November 26, 2019 falls into your House of Work. For Cancer this is a great time to work together and ergonomically adjust your working environment to make it more practical, pleasant, safer, healthier and more productive. This New Moon shows the beginning of a productive period in which responsibility and cooperation take over. A great time to resolve a conflict with a colleague or to start a new project. A methodical and creative approach is the best way to implement changes. However, pay attention to the details before you close that business deal at the end of November 2019!


November 2019 is a favorable financial month for Cancer, because you know better than anyone how to use your creativity and original methods to create money.

The money does not automatically come your way, that is entirely your own merit.

From November 23th 2019, more money comes in due to the influence of the Sun in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is connected to the Great Benefactor Jupiter. Jupiter is still traveling through your House of Work! Because of an increase in work, there is more financial room to have some fun. However, be careful not to spend money foolishly. Money is not everything, Cancer.

Happiness and good health are not for sale. Here as well you need to find the healthy balance.


November 2019 is a good month for your health, Cancer.

The New Moon of September 26th 2019 is a good starting point for a therapy, a new diet or a health program. In any case, a good time to have a medical check-up done. Prevention is better than cure. Leave unhealthy habits and people for what they are. A healthy and balanced diet, yoga, meditation, relaxation and sufficient exercise is important to stay in shape physically and mentally.


Every relationship has to deal with challenges, both private and business. In this period you have to deal with challenges, but these are also part of life. Challenges are learning moments, even if they are not pleasant. An unexpected meeting at the beginning of November 2019 brings new perspective and insight. It’s something you need, so don’t close your eyes.

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