Pisces May 2019

The planetary forces at the bottom of the Pisces horoscope show that the focus will be on inner strength and building stability. The focus in May 2019 will be on family, home, study, relationships, health, finances and the search for the balance between career and private life. Love, relationships and health require your attention.

Love and Relationships
Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius is a great time to travel or study together, so also in May 2019! The influence of retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in the House of Friendships puts friendships and business commitments to the test. Only the meaningful and inexpensive connections remain. From May 17 to July 1, 2019, red Warrior Mars marches through your House of Love and Self-expression. With this dynamic, creative and extroverted energy, Pisces wants to explore, but induced by strong influences of Mars, Pisces becomes more combative, competitive and jealous. Mars makes you to fight for love! A new romance is quite possible, but don’t go too fast, Pisces. A broken heart is not easy to mend. In the permanent relationship, Pisces is more emotional than usual and requires warm attention and compliments. Socializing, parties, theater, going out together, but the passionate influence of Mars lead to differences of opinion and altercations.

Family and Home
The New Moon of May 4, 2019 shows developments at home that require attention such as changes at school or the search for the right education or study program for yourself or your children. Until May 16, 2019, red Mars marches through the House of Family and Home. During this dynamic period there’s unrest and change at home or in the family. A favorable period for buying or building a house or property, a renovation, relocation or domestic projects. The Full Moon of May 18, 2019 in Scorpio can be the reason for a joint trip, family visit, freelance work at home or the realization of a workplace at home, residence abroad or business relocation.

Jupiter is your career planet. Jupiter travels through your House of Career. Jupiter in Sagittarius is retrograde in May 2019 and shows a month of evaluation. An opportunity to change course if you when you are not satisfied with your job, study or business. Favorable period for Pisces in real estate or investment property.
On May 18, 2019, the Full Moon in Scorpio can lead to an establishment abroad, business relocation or the realization of a workplace at home.
The second half of May 2019 is perfect for a business trip or study or business-oriented training or a trip to explore or pushing boundaries. Mid May 2019, there are problems in a business partnership that you can no longer postpone. Make these problems negotiable. In the second half of May 2019 there will be peace and you will be motivated again. Your strong attitude is noticed and you’ll get admiration and appreciation!

May 2019 is a favorable month! Aries symbolizes the House of Finance for Pisces. In the first week of May 2019, Mercury travels through Aries. Mercury in the House of Finance is beneficial for making financial plans and finding methods to increase productivity and efficiency in your company. A favorable period for concluding commercial agreements and signing contracts or, for example, an investment course. On May 2, 2019, Mercury square retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which may force you to revise business plans. Pay extra attention with business agreements or signing contracts. Venus in Aries is also a perfect period of new ideas to earn more money, a valuation report or financial negotiations, such as applying for loans or investments.
The presence of Venus in Aries in your House of Finance until May 15, 2019 can tempt Pisces to spend too much money.

You suffer from stress and that is disastrous for your health, Pisces.
Relaxation is the key to improving your mental and physical health.
Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn is a period of major cleansing and healing, both physically and emotionally. Commitment to yourself and working to make your dreams come true is now what matters. Don’t worry so much, Pisces. You can’t make everyone happy, do why don’t you start with yourself! You will feel so much better when you follow your heart and do the things you want to do. Listen to your body, listen to yourself. Instead of forgetting yourself, you have to make time for yourself. As long as you take care of yourself, the world takes care of you.

Problems in a business partnership can no longer be postponed. Make these problems negotiable, because delay is the beginning of defeat. When the air is cleared, there is room again for a new start.
From May 17 to July 1, 2019, the transit from Mars in Cancer signifies a strong attitude and need to express yourself and be yourself. Do not make promises to family members or neighbors that you cannot keep, because that is a classic recipe for a conflict.

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