Capricorn May 2019

The focus in May 2019 will be on love and health and balancing the inner and the outer world. Most planets are still at the bottom of the Capricorn horoscope in May 2019. During this period of cosmic Hibernation, Capricorn is busy building a solid foundation for the career. A period of preparation, evaluation and internal processing. The planetary shift shows that from the second half of May 2019 the emphasis will be on cooperation.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon of May 4, 2019 in the House of Love is the cosmic gateway to a new social period. It can also be the start of a long-term business partnership or the perpetuation of a love affair or finding true love! From the second half of May 2019, Mars travels through your House of Relations, so it’s time for action! Venus is your planet of Love. Venus travels through Taurus from May 16, 2019 and that promises many loving moments! The Full Moon of May 18, 2019 falls into your House of Friendships, groups and organizations and opens the way to events, networks and parties, travel and collaboration. Something comes to completion in your social circle which is celebrated. Expect the unexpected with Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus during this Full Moon! The single Capricorn finds love within the social circle, during sports or a party with friends, a spiritual or business meeting, trade show or during networking. On May 31, 2019, the seed of love will blossom into something beautiful with retrograde Saturn trine Venus!

Family and Home
Aries symbolizes your area of ​​Family and Home. Venus travels through Aries until May 15, 2019, so the first half of May 2019 indicates a quiet period at home. A favorable period for home and garden. In fact, this period is the prelude to a new period in which your career will become more important. But first there must be order in your private life.
Your planet Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde and stresses to the need to release emotional baggage from the past. Retrograde Saturn teaches you to hold on to everything that is valuable to you. Any disagreements within the family and relatives will be resolved in the first half of this month. Mercury in Aries does doesn’t beat around the bush, so all will be cleared up. Elderly relatives and children appreciate your efforts and mediation in solving problems.

The Full Moon of April 19, 2019 fell into your Career Home, causing things to change in the career field. Consider, for example, a new job, promotion or reward and recognition for your commitment, but also reorganization. A project is developing and there will be clarity. A great time to implement career plans. This is a good period for a business-oriented course. Family and friends play an important role in the choice of your career. Take their advice to heart. May 2019 is a great month for study or training, also for study abroad. In the first half of May 2019 everything goes slow and you are unmotivated, but the second half of May 2019 brings good news. May 2019 is not a favorable month for business trips, so it is better to delay your plans.

Your planet Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn and which means money will be available this month such as back wages, benefits or form of cooperation.
Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn show some delay.
This cosmic time-out is needed to put things right both private and business. Take the time to review and reassess financial strategies before making changes to current plans. All major investments, purchases and financial projects should be postponed for the time being. You must be careful with speculative investments to avoid major financial problems.

Until May 16, 2019, Mars will travel through your Health House. During this stressful period you consciously or unconsciously raise the bar too high for yourself. During this period you are more likely to suffer from stress, headache, infection, rash or fever. Go outside as much as possible to relax yourself. Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn also shows that you should not ask too much of yourself. Regularity is the key. Have your dinner on time, have a good night’s sleep.
A massage, meditation or yoga brings you into contact with your physical self. Your physical self gives you access to your inner emotional truth. Listen to your body and respond to what you get to hear.

Retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn give you a restless feeling as if you are not making any progress, despite all your efforts. This cosmic time-out is needed to put things right and have a clean-up in relationships both private and business. Capricorn finds itself in a period of revision, renewal, rejuvenation and regeneration with regard to your personality, ego, appearance, how you see yourself. A real transformation. Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius in the House of Cosmic Consciousness asks you who you are and to look at all the things that you hide from the world and yourself. You get the chance to free yourself from self-destructive tendencies, deep-rooted fears and feelings of guilt.

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