May 2019

May 2019

May 2019 will be opened with Beltane or Beltaine, the Celtic celebration of the goddess Freya, the goddess of Love, Fertility and Sensuality which symbolizes the transition from Winter to Summer.

The month of May 2019 can be seen as the prelude to a rare triple conjunction of the planetary Titans Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, early 2020.
The year 2020 is the year of the new collective and individual ”reformation”, which will be a turning point in our history. The period up to 2021 is the most fascinating and transforming time that humanity has known. Old and failing social and political structures are increasingly crumbling to make way for new social structures or existing structures are being renewed and restructured.
In fact, the start of the retrograde season is a final rehearsal for 2020 of bringing order into the chaos. A final rehearsal for large companies, banks, government and politics.
A cosmic time-out of social maturation, reflection and reconsideration to lay the foundation for a new productive period both in politics and business and in our personal lives.

The powerful and purifying, but also inhibiting energy of retrograde planetary giants Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be clearly noticeable during May 2019.
This joint retrograde energy can be frustrating, but is cosmically intended to revise or to adjust projects that were started at the beginning of 2019.
During this relatively stable period, we are offered the opportunity to break free from the old and to find out why things went wrong in the last six months.
After this period of retrogradation, there will be a better and clearer perspective to take the appropriate necessary measures to continue our path.

In this time of disorientation, many people lose their way in both the direct sense of the word, and figuratively. This is a time in which we are confronted with the fact that all that glitters isn’t gold. We are dealing with an aspect that further enhances this fragile energy.
The challenging square of tension between retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces is the common thread of the year 2019. Thoughts are positively and negatively influenced by the influence of this planetary aspect between Jupiter and Neptune.
On the one hand it can lead to a higher spiritual consciousness and on the other hand distortion, financial chaos, false information and mental dissociation. In this time of confusion, deception and desire to escape from reality, it is good to consciously follow the path of vigilance and balance and not let ourselves be led by fear, untruths or various forces in the world. Finding the balance and turning hope and ideals into reality. That is the great lesson that this planetary challenge between Jupiter and Neptune teaches us.

On May 3, 2019, the Black Moon or Lilith enters the vulnerable sign of Pisces. The Black Moon is not a planet or a fixed star, but has a major impact on our collective behavior and the life we lead. Our collective running sore. Lilith in Pisces is about trust and distrust.
Until January 27, 2020, we will therefore have to deal with an underlying energy of mutual distrust for fear of getting hurt.

In the first months of 2019, Uranus was still square on the Lunar Nodes and this 90º aspect has led to, among other things, major protests such as the movement of the yellow vests in Europe.
As Uranus travels through Taurus, it gradually becomes “more quiet" on Earth.
Uranus in Taurus guarantees social improvement such as artificial intelligence, robotization and self-thinking computers. We also see the emergence of residential communities where sustainability, individual responsibility and taking care of each other will be significant themes. Uranus in Taurus, however, can also be the beginning of the disintegration of existing political structures such as international organizations.
The journey of Uranus in Taurus is ultimately about redistributing power and social restructuring in order to cope with future problems.

On May 4, 2019, the New Moon is at 14º11 in earthly Taurus.
The New Moon is conjunct Uranus in financial Taurus and this strong impulse gives unexpected developments and a new chance to implement changes.
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From May 7, 2019 to May 21, 2019, Mercury travels through earthly Taurus.
Each Spring, Mercury travels through Taurus, but now the planet of commerce accompanies the great revolutionary Uranus on the threshold of Taurus. And that makes it so very interesting for developments on the world market and especially the rate of the US dollar.
With this energy, it takes longer before a decision is made, but every decision that has been made with Mercury in Taurus remains unchanged and anchored. Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, so a practical and financial idea becomes structured and concrete.
Common sense is the guiding principle in resolving conflicts, but among other things, we have to consider this retrograde energy and the square between Jupiter and Neptune, which postpones decisions.

On May 8, 2019 we may rejoice the annual Aquarid meteor shower. As many as 30 meteors per hour may be seen in the northeast night sky. The meteors are remnants of the Halley comet that was seen in the sky in 1986.
The Halley comet will return in 2061. Until then we have to do with debris from this comet that burn high in the atmosphere above us each year in May and October.

From May 15, 2019 to June 9, 2019, Venus travels through its own signs of Taurus.
Venus feels at home in the material sign of Taurus. The sensual energy of Venus in Taurus makes us long for stability, comfort and beauty, art and culture, peace and more luxury,
A period of satisfaction, harmony and equality. Greed, selfishness and outward display can be the downside. Venus in Taurus longs for a sustainable connection, however Venus in Taurus can also be possessive and jealous in all forms of relationships.

In the second half of May 2019, Neptune in Pisces at 18º forms a connection with the North Node in Cancer. This energetic and mitigating connection will be exact on May 22, 2019!
The period is characterized by intuition and sensitivity to energetic patterns that enable us to see the connectivity of all things and to heal traumatic collective wounds.

On May 18, 2019, we have a Full Moon at 27º39 in Scorpio.
With this Full Moon, we become aware of our deepest desires and the ability to let them be fulfilled or not. A day of “all-or-nothing". During this confrontational Full Moon, Mercury trine retrograde Pluto in Capricorn reveals old pain that needs to be healed.
Retrograde Saturn is in Capricorn helps us to put things right for once and for all.
Venus is very close to Uranus in Taurus and this conjunction can lead to sudden surprises and changes.
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From May 17, 2019, red warrior Mars will travel through introspective Cancer. Emotions and sentiment will play an important role in decision making until July 1, 2019. From May 21, 2019, the combined emotional power of Mars in Cancer with the versatile Sun and Mercury in Gemini is the key to creativity, productivity and progress. With the power of Mars in Cancer, emotions are being expressed and stimulates to stand up for ourselves.

Elections for the European Parliament take place in the Netherlands on May 23, 2019.
Red Warrior Mars in Cancer is sextile Uranus in Taurus that day. There can be breakthroughs, interesting connections are made or new ideas are born!
A great day to ensure the success of every process that carries the theme of innovation.
Even in politics!

On May 26, 2019 there are regional, federal and European elections in Belgium and on May 27, 2019 the members of the Senate will be elected in the Netherlands.
In a seemingly positive atmosphere of connection, togetherness and inspiration, Mercury in Gemini is being challenged, whereby feelings and emotions stand in the way of the logical course of events. Matters are presented differently than they really are.

From May 30, 2019, the asteroid Pallas Athena resumes its direct movement in Libra, the sign of connection and balance.
Pallas Athena has been traveling through Libra since November 2018 and has been retrograde since February 18, 2019. Pallas Athena, the warrior goddess, fights in Libra for justice. Since that time we have had to deal with unbalanced situations and destructive patterns in social and international conflicts. People are fighting by words and deeds, but no real progress is being made. Pallas Athena will remain in Libra until August 25, 2019.
With this impulse, indirect, effective and diplomatic strategies are used as effective weapons in order to restore the connection and trust in mutual relationships.

Retrograde Saturn, the planet of Karma and our collective memory is also in May 2019 together with retrograde Pluto in the earthly Capricorn conjunct the South Node.
There is a willingness to learn from past mistakes. This offers an opening for a better future, a cleaner environment and a fair distribution of wealth.

A better world.
Let's go for that.

Have a wonderful month of May!