Virgo March 2019

The Full Super Moon in Virgo of February 19, 2019 was the harbinger of a new cycle in your life where the focus is on who you are and where you want to go in this life.
Your strong will, creativity and motivation make March 2019 the most productive month of the year. The time has come to complete a project. It is not so much about what you show the world, but about your specific personal contribution.
Most planets are also on the right half of the Virgo horoscope this month.
This month the focus is on willpower, career, cooperation, social skills, relationships and finances.

Love and Relationships
Until March 20, 2019 the Sun in Pisces travels through your House of Relationships and that is always a pleasant energy, full of love and romance, cooperation and friendships. From March 5, 2019 to March 27, Mercury is retrograde in Pisces. Retrograde Mercury in your House of Relationships might bring some things to the surface in March 2019. Things have to be discussed, clarified or new rules are set.
The New Moon in Pisces of March 6, 2019 falls into your House of Relationships. A new acquaintance will play a major role in your life or you will take a new step in a relationship such as a proposal, marriage, a new friendship, business partnership or other form of collaboration to get a project off the ground. A new chapter! The single Virgo might meet Mr or Mrs Right at work, during a party, on holiday, a concert, a museum visit or during creative activities.

Family and Home
The Great Benefactor Jupiter in Sagittarius travels your House of Family and Home throughout this year. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Home and Family for Virgo, so also this month there are developments in this area. There may be a move or improvement of contact with family members. There is mutual support and you can also be proud of your children or children in your family. Uranus in Taurus travels from March 7, 2019 to the end of April 2026 through your House of Travel and Philosophy of Life and will be joined by the Red Warrior Mars this month. A wonderful time for traveling. Experiences abroad are true eye-openers for you. Traveling or fun things such as going to the theatre, recreation park, sporting event or performance.

Your planet Venus travels from 2 to March 26, 2019 through your House of Work. A favorable time to reorganize your workplace. You are bursting with innovative ideas!
Do not worry about criticism at work, this is only meant as constructive feedback.
Do something with it or let it go!
From 5 to March 28, 2019, Mercury, the planet of Virgo, is retrograde in Pisces.
During this period there are delays at work such as absent colleagues or employees, including changes such as a new workplace, a new project, new colleagues or business partners.
Through the energy of Mars in Taurus you want to push boundaries by following a study or starting something new. March 2019 is by March in Taurus a favorable month for a business trip or trade with foreign countries.

The Full Super Moon in Libra of February 19, 2019 fell into your House of Finance.
From that moment, Virgo may expect more income, such as a salary increase, more income from another job or more turnover in your company. The first three weeks of March 2019 indicates stability that allows you to meet payment obligations.
In our own company you still need to make financial ends meet. There are outstanding invoices to pay or to collect assets. The time has come to make important financial decisions such as spending cuts or taking financial measures.
The Full Moon also shows a completion in the financial field or that something has to be completed.

This month, you need a lot of rest and relaxation. Try to work less hard by delegating work or simply saying “no”. Saying “no” is actually saying yes to yourself. Do not go beyond your limits.
You can not do more than you already do.
Detoxification of body and mind frees the soul. Allow yourself to be massaged regularly, go outside as much as possible and provide good support for your feet. Keep moving. Not only physically, but also mentally.
Your health does not only include your physical needs, but also your mental and emotional well-being. Reading a nice book, listening to music, painting a picture, writing a poem, everything that makes you happy contributes to good health.

The serious influence of Saturn in Capricorn in your House of Love teaches you the meaning of true love and friendship. Saturn in Capricorn teaches you to first love yourself and be proud of yourself. Find love in yourself and not seek the love outside yourself. It is your life and it is about your happiness. You must first know yourself and love yourself before you can share and give love. Love is a verb. Every day.
Mercury retrograde in Pisces reminds you this several times this month.
Don’t push yourself so hard, for yourself nor for others. Do not carry more than you can.

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