Sagittarius March 2019

March 2019 is the dawn of a new phase of growth, Sagittarius.
Most planets, however, are still at the lower half of the Sagittarius horoscope. Sagittarius is currently in the cosmic period of Hibernation. A period of preparation, planning, building and visualization.
March 2019 is about inner processing, the past, home, family and cooperation.

Love and Relationships
The unpredictable influence of Uranus in Aries in the House of Love can lead to a passing romance at the beginning of March 2019. From March 21, 2019, the Spring Equinox, the Sun travels through the House of Love. From that moment on, you may find true love.
The Full Moon of March 21, 2019 falls into your House of Friendships, groups and organizations.
In your social circle, something is coming to completion and that is being celebrated. Spring is in the air and love reigns. There is an event or party for which you are invited or you are going to organize a party or event. It is possible that a friend gets married. New friendships are being formed. The single Sagittarius finds love within the social circle, during a party with friends, meeting or during networking. March 2019 is a sparkling and romantic month.
A wonderful month for traveling!

Family and Home
The New Moon of February 4, 2019 showed developments with school children or choice of education or study direction for yourself or your children. It is possible that a move, repair, refurbishment or major cleaning is in progress. In any case, March 2019 brings in a breath of fresh air at home.
Until March 6, 2019, Uranus in Aries travels through your House of Self-expression and Children.
In recent years, your children have changed or the relationship with your children has changed.
Uranus in Aries has led to an urge to free yourself from the past.
However, retrograde Mercury in Pisces from March 5 to March 27, 2019 can be tricky. Caution is required this month regarding your home and family, because there is confusion, problems or various inconveniences.

The Full Moon of February 19, 2019 fell into your House of Career and may have led to beautiful developments in your career or social position.
A completion of a project and the prelude to a new period in which your career will become more important again. But first you have to put things in order in your private life.
You may experience a slump this month. Actually, March 2019 is the perfect month to go on a vacation. To gain energy and get in shape for a busy period ahead of you. Mercury retrograde in Pisces shows that a business trip should be postponed.
The Full Moon of March 21, 2019 shows the importance of networking and finding useful contacts. Cooperation, personal persuasion and charming presence open the door to future success! March 2019 is a favorable month for study purposes.

Because of the influence of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in your House of Finance, you are determined to put your financial position in order to keep a financial overview.
However, retrograde Mercury in Pisces in your House of Family and House can lead to financial delays this month and may hamper your plans at home. In March 2019, money is mainly spent on the household, the renovation of your house or the purchase of or repairs to household appliances. Time to put family financial affairs right.
The Sagittarius who works from home can count on the most income this month.
Profit can be gained through innovation, health projects and investments.

The journey of the Red Warrior Mars through your House of Health can lead to stress and fatigue this month. Mars in Taurus increases headaches, rash or fever.
To keep your energy level up to standard, it is good to swim and walk regularly.
Mental health is just as important as physical health, so take time to clear your mind now and then. Meditating, reading, be creative. Whatever makes you happy!
From March 7, 2019, Uranus travels in Taurus through your House of Health.
Uranus in Taurus teaches you that in addition to service, you also have duties to yourself.

Why would you get ahead of yourself, Sagittarius?
For whom and for what? Not for yourself.
Listen to yourself. Listen to your body. Sometimes you just want to keep going, but at the end of the day you feel you’re burned out. Give yourself some space to recover and recharge.
You can perform better when you are well-rested.
Work at your own pace.

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