Libra March 2019


Libra March 2019

Most planets are still on the lower side of the Libra horoscope. The Night.
The Night is cosmically meant as a time of preparation and building the infrastructure of future success. Finding happiness and the right balance between work and private life.
From the Spring Equinox the Sun reaches the horizon of the Libra horoscope. The Sun awakes you from your Hibernation! Career, the outside world and ambitions become predominant.
The focus in March 2019 is on family, love, health, cooperation, social skills and consensus to accomplish your goals.

Love and Relationships
Until the beginning of March 2019, the influence of Uranus in Aries in the House of Relationships can lead to sudden events such as a break-up or drastic changes in your relationship or in other forms of cooperation. Events of last year play a major role in this.
Uranus in Taurus travels from March 7, 2019 through the House of Soul and Intimacy. Through this energy Libra looks for the emotional connection with the own partner and good friends.
The single Libra finds a partner during a meeting, at parties or places with a financial or creative touch. From March 21, 2019 the Sun shines in your House of Relationships.
That means a great time for your social life and for love! March 2019 is the month of love and romance. March 2019 makes your heart sing. You are in love with life and life is smiling at you!

Family and Home
In the past few months you laid the foundation to make a successful career possible. Still finding the balance between work and private life is important. Your social life is becoming increasingly important. There are many parties and family gatherings this month. An existing conflict with the family about your relationship will be resolved in the course of this month. March 2019 a harmonious month. Your heart is filled with love that love is also felt and shared at home and in your family. March 2019 is a favorable month for a joint or active holiday, for family visits, parties, a reunion, recreation, entertainment and sporting events.

The Moon is the ruler of your House of Career. The New Moon of March 6, 2019 falls into your House of Work. For Libra, March 2019 is a great moment to start a new project. This New Moon shows the beginning of a productive period in which responsibility and cooperation take the lead. March 2019 is a favorable period of ergonomic applications to make the workplace more practical, safer, healthier and more productive. A methodical and creative approach is the best.
From 5 to March 28, 2019, Mercury is retrograde in your House of Work.
During this period you will have the opportunity to evaluate, adjust or to put on the final touch. Even though you feel that the time is right for something new, it is possible that Libra feels emotionally insecure about the career or study or that it is difficult to make an informed choice.
Do not worry too much. Let yourself be carried away by the flow of life. Retrograde Mercury in Pisces teaches you that nothing in life is certain than the moment itself.

The New Moon in the House of Work is a favorable period to invest in the long term, such as in a new company. The Libra working abroad or doing business abroad gets good results, particularly in March 2019.
From 5 to March 28, 2019 Mercury retrograde gives you the opportunity to get your finances in order. March 2019 shows a favorable financial period, especially from March 21, 2019. Your charm, social skills and contacts are the keys to get what you want! Pluto, your planet of finance shows that you get financial help from family and friends. Uranus and Mars in Taurus shows that a personal or business partnership is being made. Financial matters need to be regulated in the areas of taxes, loans, insurance, contracts and wills. Through Mars you learn to work together successfully. However, it is also possible that there is loss, financial issues, a divorce or the breakdown of a business partnership.

The year 2019 is a dynamic year. By the rapid successive developments and challenges you hardly find the time to rest. Mercury retrograde in Pisces brings even more stress.
You need peace and relaxation, especially from March 21, 2019.
When you have stress, you are feeling down. Stress has an adverse effect on your health.
So the happier you are, the better you feel. A balanced diet and exercising is important for you.
See it as a challenge and deal with stress! Mother Nature awakens and you too need to stretch!

The Full Moon in Libra of March 21, 2019 is the harbinger of a new cycle in your life in which the focus is on who you are and where you want to go in this life. It gives your personality a great boost. Your strong will, creativity and motivation will make the next month the most productive month of the year. The time has come to complete a project. It is not so much about what you show the world, but about your specific personal contribution.