Leo March 2019


Leo March 2019

The planetary shift to the upper half of the Leo horoscope means that career and social goals are becoming increasingly important.
The time has come to make your social life dream come true.
The focus in March 2019 is mainly on career, cooperation, social skills and relationships.

Love and Relationships
Leo likes a challenge and in March 2019, there will be some challenges. March 2019 is the month of elusive charm and persuasiveness in relationships, both private and business. With the energy of the New Moon of March 6, 2019, the single Leo is looking for a financially independent partner. Someone who knows how to touch your soul and wants to live in your heart. On March 7, 2019, the Sun is conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the House of the Soul. This makes Leo vulnerable and emotional. It may be so that you have your hopes up too high and that you may be disappointed when affections are not returned. Retrograde Mercury in Pisces can lead to intense emotional reactions in the second half of March 2019. Things from the past may return and that makes you aware of how difficult it is to forgive and forget.

Family and Home
From March 21, 2019, the moment of the Spring Equinox, is the beginning of an intense period of harmony and warmth. From March 5 to March 27, 2019 retrograde Mercury in Pisces shows a busy and stressful period at work. During this period, there may be tension at home. Try to find balance. Especially your children ask for your attention and love, often in a negative way. Provocative behavior is actually a cry for attention.
The Full Super Moon in Libra of March 21, 2019 falls into your House of Family and Home.
The cosmic gateway to a change in your living situation, a relocation or renovation. It is possible that during your busy career you are renovating or you postpone these plans to a later period.
In the next two week, after this Full Moon, a project at home will come to completion, there are plans to move or there is an actual move having to do with your career.

Retrograde Mercury in Pisces from March 5 to March 27, 2019 shows a busy and stressful period at work. Until March 6, 2019, Uranus in Aries is a great time to apply for a new job, a business trip or a company-oriented training or study. Mercury retrograde in Pisces can lead to envy this month.
March 2019 is a favorable month for study, study choice and learning options, but due to retrograde Mercury, this month is not a favorable month for planning a business trip.
The Full Super Moon in Libra of March 21, 2019 indicates the need for a relocation that has to do with your career.

Mercury is your financial planet. Mercury in Pisces is retrograde throughout the month.
Pisces refers to your House of Shared Finances, debts, taxes, mortgage etc. First read all the fine print, wait a moment with signing or do not sign contracts that you do not understand. The New Moon in Pisces of 6 March 2019 falls into your House of Shared Finance and joint income.
During this month, there are developments in the financial circumstances of your partner, such as a legal decision, payment, bonuses and commissions. A favorable period for drawing up a budget plan, savings or budget plan or conducting business negotiations. A new relationship (business or private) shows a dynamic start, but can stumble across a financial issue.

March 2019 shows a favorable month for your health. Relaxation and purification are two things that are essential to stay healthy and fit this month.
In the first three weeks of March 2019, you feel more tired, but from March 21, 2019 you feel much better with the fiery energy of the Sun in Aries.
Go to your exercise class, because if you don’t, it does not feel right for you. Your mood is not getting better and that is counter-productive.
Go outside as much as possible, walking, running, cycling, swimming.
When you feel tired, you find yourself in a negative spiral. Fatigue can be related to a wrong diet, incorrect posture, shoes, a wrong mattress or pillow.

Find time to reflect, to reconsider things or to recharge your battery. Get physical exercise or take a walk. You are so busy and that is why it is good to blow off steam and clear your head.
On March 7, 2019 you must be vigilant by the influence of the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces. There may be fraud with credit cards, theft or identity fraud. Be careful with financial advice or investments. If something sounds too good to be true, most of the time, it is.