Libra June 2019

Most planets are at the top of the Libra horoscope. This is the time of year that you are focused on career and worldly goals. Independence and personal strength go hand in hand. June 2019 is focused on career and your social life, but choices must also be made in terms of love, friendships, private life, health and finances. June 2019 is all about connection and renewal, but it is also a month of learning and accepting.

Love and Relationships
You are so busy at work or with your studies, so that little time is left for love or your relationship. As a Libra you know how to make time for your partner. The single Libra can fall in love this month with a business acquaintance, a colleague or even the boss! A love can bloom during a business meeting or company party. June 2019 is a great month to go out with your friends or to throw a party. Your spontaneity is rewarded with a lot of loving attention and romantic moments. Due to retrograde energy, an old love could disturb the peace in your relationship. From June 21, 2019, the Summer Solstice, a period will start to enjoy a beautiful holiday together. This is also a promising period for the single Libra to find true love. In your social circle there is someone who has warm feelings for you!

Family and Home
The New Moon of June 3, 2019 in the House of Travel is a reference to a trip with your family or relatives coming from abroad to pay you a visit.
June 2019 is all about the connection and renewal. An increase in emails, messages and phone calls. This month you are working on a project at home such as a new interior, new carpet or curtains or furniture. You love to show the result to friends and family!
The Full Moon of June 17, 2019 falls into your House of Communication, short trips, siblings, acquaintances and neighbors. This is also a reference to a journey, a trip outside the city to visit friends or family or you get visitors! It is also possible that you purchase a car, computer or mobile phone. Children are doing well at school, so good results are being achieved.

The Full Moon in Scorpio of May 18, 2019 showed a peak in your career. In June 2019, you can count on a promotion or a new job with good financial prospects, thanks to this influence!
Red Warrior Mars travels through your Career House in June 2019 and this transit reinforces positive energy and ambition. From June 21,2019 the Sun shines in the highest House of Career and Destination. There are exciting developments in which you get the chance to raise your profile and make the right impression. Mid June 2019 you will receive good news about your work and you will make a decision about your career. A creative solution may change a tense situation at work for the better. June 2019 shows positive results for study, training or business-oriented courses. However, business, professional or educational journeys won’t give immediate results.

The Full Moon in Scorpio from May 18, 2019 fell into your House of Finance, so from that moment on there will be more income. Pluto is your planet of Finance. Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn symbolizes your Family and Home. During this period you want to spend money on luxury items, vacation or other things for your home. Retrograde Pluto and retrograde Jupiter in plutonic Scorpio ask you to be especially careful with all your investments and purchases.
Are your finances in order?
Retrograde Jupiter shows that good research is needed before you make a major investment or purchase. Not everything is clear, and that makes you vulnerable. Make sure you don’t run up debts or make unwise investments.

You are so busy that you forget to take time for yourself and that goes for breakfast, too.
Your energy level is high this month. You are very restless and that means that it is harder for you to fall asleep. Read a good book and turn off the TV and your mobile before you go to sleep a Take a walk after dinner regularly.
Ensure relaxation, proper nutrition and adequate rest, especially in the last week of June 2019.
From June 21 to November 27, 2019, Neptune is retrograde in Pisces in the House of Health and this focuses on health and work. Don’t wait too long when you are having complaints. You are also more sensitive to medication during this period. Nurture yourself regularly with a relaxing massage.

There may be tensions in mid-June 2019, because on June 18, 2019 Mercury is conjunct Mars in Cancer. This razor-sharp and restless aspect can be an astrological recipe for intimidating behavior or controversy in the relationship. Allow each other and yourself the emotional space that is needed.

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