Gemini June 2019


Gemini June 2019

Your personal and universal solar cycle are in their growing phase, because
the New Moon of June 3, 2019 falls in your sign of Gemini. Congratulations, Gemini!
June 2019 shows a month of many activities and changes.
Most planets are on the eastern side of the Gemini horoscope, so there will be more independence. Even though there are challenges to face this month, June 2019 will ultimately work your favor. The focus is on family and private life and making plans for a carefree future.

Love and Relationships
June 2019 can be difficult for Gemini in a permanent relationship, because there are challenges. There may be issues that have to do with possessiveness and jealousy. The single Gemini finds a new love during social and spiritual gatherings. Venus enters Gemini on June 10, 2019. Venus in Gemini makes your heart sing. Venus in Gemini is open to new encounters and is enthusiastic and interested in everyone you meet.
On June 11, 2019, the Sun in Gemini faces retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius and that feels like anything is possible, but this challenging energy may take it too far. The Full Moon of June 17, 2019 falls into the House of Relationships. In your social circle or and in business, new commitments are made or broken. On June 23, 2019, Venus opposite retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius rocks your world. Something else! A party, shopping, sharing love and enjoy life!Everything will be fine at the end of June 2019, because then you will know exactly where you stand.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of May 18, 2019 shows the completion of domestic projects in the first half of June 2019. The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius focuses on home and family life. Mutual ties are being strengthened or there are plans to relocate or renovate the house or perhaps already completed. Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius brings you back to the essence and makes you think about life, past lives and your family history. June 2019 is a great month for a home study. June 2019 is not really a month to go on a journey, because you find it much nicer to stay at home or do odd jobs at home. There are many things going on in your family, also financially and retrograde Jupiter
puts this on the table. This month you get emotional support from your friends and family and this is desperately needed this month.

The period from June 21, 2019, from the Summer Solstice, is the best time for Gemini for intellectual and creative activities, such as students and teachers. June 2019 is not really a productive month, Gemini. This month you feel ambivalent about your work and that makes you insecure. You will be confronted with differences of opinion with people with whom you work closely. Neptune, your planet of Career, obscures your vision of your goals in life and can cause inner unrest and confusion about your social destiny. Neptune will retrograde from June 21, 2019, to the end of November 2019. Your career moves to the background and that gives you the chance to evaluate and make plans. It is best to take some distance from your work. If you are unsure or unsatisfied with your job, daily routine, your workplace or your colleagues, you must take steps to change things, otherwise you will not get what you want. June 2019 is not a favorable month for business trips. Especially during the last days of June 2019, there are developments that may affect your career.

June 2019 looks financially favorable due to the transit of Mars in your House of Finance.
With this influence you will make a lucrative investment for your house. There is income through a smart investment, through advertising or sales promotions. You can expect financial support from your family and friends this month. As you know, the Moon is ruler of the House of Finance for Gemini. That means that your financial situation is controlled by the ever-changing Moon and the aspects that the Moon makes with the other planets. The first half of June 2019 is therefore the best time to settle financial matters.
Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn shows a favorable period for your financial obligations, drawing up a budget plan and resolving issues related to mutual resources. Saturn requires your full attention and responsibility. Retrograde Saturn gives you the chance to turn stressful and uncomfortable situations for the better of your life.
On June 16, 2019, your planet Mercury opposite retrograde Saturn stresses that you should not make financial decisions, sign contracts or make large investments.

Stress, worry and anxiety undermine your health. Worrying and having fear is often unfounded and you make problems bigger than they actually are. Alcohol and stimulants are not a way out, but a deep trap from which it is difficult to escape.
A planetary shift is taking place towards the bottom of the Gemini horoscope. It is time to get in touch with your higher self. You are easily influenced, so it is good to stay close to yourself. Stress is and remains the biggest culprit. Get enough sleep, exercise and healthy food to stay healthy and fit.
Exercising for half an hour is enough to make you feel better. Yoga is a great way to calm your busy mind.

The influence of retrograde Neptune from June 18, 2019 makes you uncertain, sensitive and can be influenced, which is why you do not know exactly which direction to take. It is advisable to stay close to yourself and not to take large business risks.
In the first week of June 2019, there will be a nice proposal, but pay attention to the details!
The journey of retrograde Saturn in Capricorn has a restraining influence on all May Gemini.
Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio doesn't make it any easier either. And that means only one thing: adjust, investigate, do not go beyond your limits and hope for the best. Take some distance.
From a distance you see everything better and answers come naturally.