Aries June 2019


Aries June 2019

The planetary forces are now on the southern sector of the Aries horoscope. This is the Night.
The Night is the time of recovery and getting new forces. Your personal strength is still very strong, so the world adapts to you instead of the other way around. This will soon change and you will notice that the focus is shifting to collaboration and social skills.
In June 2019, the emphasis will be on private life, family and inner growth, career and finances.
Health does require your attention.

Love and Relationships
Venus is your planet of Relationships. In the first week of June 2019, Aries is still focused on a love affair or business relationship that support you financially or professionally.
From June 10, 2019, Aries will be looking mainly for a delightful conversationalist, thanks to Venus in Gemini! In the permanent relationship, it is good to talk about feelings and emotions. Don’t hide anything, even though it's hard to talk about something. It is better to share feelings than to ignore them. On June 14, 2019, your planet Mars is trine Neptune and that reinforces your strong magnetic attractiveness and sultry charm! A wonderful day for dating! The single Aries can fall in love abroad or during a spiritual and social event. From June 21, 2019, most problems are solved and love is waiting for you. At the end of June 2019, Aries can look forward to love and romance.

Family and Home
The Moon symbolizes your Home and Family. The New Moon of June 3, 2019 falls into your House of Communication, transport, short trips, siblings, neighbors and your immediate living environment. The New Moon shows developments at home that require your attention such as changes at school or the search for the right education or study program for you or your children. The influence of Venus in Taurus until June 9, 2019 shows a favorable time to tidy up and decorate your home. The dynamic influence of the red Warrior Mars leads to a lot of activity throughout June 2019, but also tension and unrest at home and in your private life, especially with older relatives. These activities can also be the cause of disruption or change, leaving little room for study, creativity or relaxation. There may be a purchase of a house or property, a move or renovation.

The influence of Venus shows that in June 2019 you get support from connections and relatives to achieve your goals. This period is ideally suited for preparing for a busy period ahead, such as (re)installing a computer system, restructuring or overhauling. Not only good preparation at work, but also your inner world requires attention, Aries. The New Moon of June 3 2019 is a great moment to make an announcement, release or publication. Let your creativity run wild. On June 14, 2019, your planet Mars opposite retrograde Saturn means frustration, disappointment, and anger when there are unfulfilled desires and opposition. The Full Moon of June 17, 2019 shows that a local or international business trip can be both pleasant and profitable. Good results are also achieved in study, legal and business-oriented courses, not least because of your dedication and determination. June 2019 also shows new investors who want to work with you. The courage and power of Mars opposite Pluto on June 20, 2019 allows you to win or overcome things from the past.

Just like last month, in June 2019, money is mainly spent on the house, renovation or relocation.
The Full Moon in Scorpio of May 18, 2019 has led to financial surprises and a new vision on the theme of money. The Full Moon has placed the emphasis on the financial affairs of your spouse, business partner, or loved one. In the first half of June 2019, Aries sees through this Full Moon the financial results such as a dividend payment or return on investments. June 2019 is a good month to make financial preparations for the future.
In the second half of June 2019, you should try to avoid impulse buying. Unexpected financial support can be expected from social contacts, friendships or social involvement through the influence of Uranus in your House of Finance.

June 2019 shows a month of high and intense energy. Stress and fatigue are the consequences of overreaching and taking on too much. Emotional problems at home put great pressure on you as well. It is important that you keep moving. Train your muscles, for your self-confidence and personal strength! A good workout is good for you, but at the same time you need to address the underlying cause to make yourself feel better. On June 14, 2019, your planet Mars trine Neptune in Pisces is a great opportunity to be creative with dance, music or sculpture or to participate in religious or spiritual activities. From June 21 to November 26, 2019, Neptune is retrograde in Pisces and during that time you need to take it easy. A regular routine is essential, Aries.

Due to the influence of your planet Mars in Cancer and the passionate aspects that Mars makes with retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, it is advisable to remain calm and to delegate.
Mars opposite Saturn shows an intense energy to win.
This powerful and primal energy can lead to anger and frustration or a fight or flight response in private as in business. Try to channel this energy with physical and creative activities, then great achievements are possible. A project that you started a year or two ago can now be completed. Blow off a little steam in time, Aries!