Sagittarius July 2019

The planetary forces move further and further towards the top of the Sagittarius horoscope.
The focus is now on the outside world and career. With most planets on the western half of the Sagittarius horoscope it is about social skills, adaptability and cooperation.
The focus in July 2019 is abroad, travel, love, study, finance and career.

Love and Relationships
July 2019 is all about love and romance! In the permanent relationship you are willing to take a big step. This month, the single Sagittarius finds love everywhere the sun shines! At the beach, when traveling, at a garden party or event. Mars is your planet of Love and Romance. With the energy of Mars in Leo you radiate love and attract love!
The total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 takes place in your House of the Soul, Transformation and Intimacy. Problems with sexuality and intimacy require a solution. You are going to come clean in your soul life, such as breaking negative contacts. The Solar Eclipse brings you in touch with the dark side of your partner and your own.

Family and Home
Finding the balance between private life and your career can be a challenge. Do not take problems from home to work and vice versa. Pisces symbolizes your private life and past. With the retrograde Neptune in Pisces you start looking for your past and your family history. Experiences from the past influence your present, experiences with your parents, your family, school or domestic circumstances, yes even experiences of your ancestors can influence your life. Finally, you get the chance to tell something that you have kept to yourself.
From June 21 to November 27, 2019, Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. An expensive period, because during this period your house requires maintenance or there is a renovation, new interior or plans for a relocation. July 2019 is also the month to go on a well deserved holiday.

The total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 shows more obligations in your career in the coming six months, more responsibility and therefore more stress. An exciting period of opportunities and possibilities! July 2019 is an excellent month to apply for a new job. It is possible that a new job is related to a move to a different place of residence. Focus on promoting yourself and promoting your product with good marketing strategies. Maintaining social contacts and networks are essential to achieve your goals. You can count on the support of your family, business partners and colleagues at work who help you further develop your skills. July 2019 is also a favorable month for study purposes and study abroad.

The total Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 falls into your House of Shared Finance such as insurance, mortgage, taxes etc. This Solar Eclipse affects the finances of your partner which will require major financial changes, for example investments, strategies and financial planning and support. Perhaps secret or unrealistic financial decisions have been made in recent months and this Solar Eclipse will reveal this in the next six months. This Solar Eclipse is the gateway to new financial opportunities. A period in which you get a new perspective on value and possessions.
Retrograde Mercury from July 7 to July 31, 2019 shows the consequences of financial negligence in recent months and the importance of a financial buffer. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn of July 16, 2019 falls in your money sector. This cosmic event leads to developments that focus on valuation, how you deal with money and property.

The partial Lunar Eclipse of July 16, 2019 brings high energy and sensitivity.
This high energy must be channeled into physical activities, so go exercise, cycle, walk, swim.
Cleaning impurities in your body is very important for your health. Solve problems with family, friends or colleagues, because a healthy relationship with them is the key to your emotional and physical well-being. Go outside as much as possible. The influence of Uranus in Taurus in your Home of Health can lead to sudden changes in diet, but do experiment with a diet or start with a new kind of sport just like that. So make sure you receive properĀ informationĀ about this first!
Do not wait when you’re having complaints and go to the doctor in time.

Solve problems with family, friends or colleagues, because a healthy relationship with them is the key to your emotional and physical well-being.
Due to the many retrograde planets, everything goes a bit slower. Allow yourself to be carried on this cosmic flow. This month’s Eclipses offer a new perspective on value, finances and assets. Come clean by paying off debts and resolving tax issues. Changes make it necessary to pursue a different financial policy, so this is the moment!

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