Pisces July 2019

Most planets are still at the bottom of the Pisces horoscope.
This period is cosmically intended as a time of preparation and evaluation for your career, because this will soon change. July 2019 can lead to major changes in your professional and personal life through the Eclipses, with emphasis on forming or breaking social contacts.
The most important points of attention in July 2018 are family, private life, love and cooperation.

Love and Relationships
The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019 falls into your House of Love and Self-Expression.
In the next six months, this cosmic event can lead to the beginning or the end of a love affair. What went wrong, what can you change yourself? The Moon symbolizes the love life for Pisces. The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn of July 16, 2019 falls in your House of Friendships.
A book closes and therefore a friendship or collaboration can be broken emotionally. The single Pisces can fall in love at work.
On July 19, 2019, Venus trine Neptune means attention, tenderness, love and romance. So a nice day for a romantic dinner or to express your love! At the end of July 2019, love is all around you.

Family and Home
The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019 affects children. In the coming six months, the focus will be on your children, children of your partner, children in the family or children in your immediate environment. The Solar Eclipse can be the start of a new development in the lives of children. The Solar Eclipse of January 10, 2020 shows whether this development has blossomed or not. Mercury is your planet of Family and Home. Mercury turns retrograde from July 7, 2019.
Projects at home can be delayed. July 2019 is not a suitable month for traveling. In any case you have to take into account delays or challenges along the way.

Your ruling planet is Neptune. From June 21 to November 27, 2019, your planet Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. Opportunities arise especially abroad. Also a good time to allow yourself a time-out. Have a vacation! Retrograde Neptune also means that you are more dependent on others to achieve your goals, so it’s about collaboration. The Full Moon of June 17, 2019 was in your House of Career. Something has come to completion in your career such as the completion of a project, a new job, promotion or reward and recognition. The Summer of 2019 is a creative period of extraordinary business opportunities, especially abroad. Thanks to Mercury retrograde from July 7 to July 31, 2019, you are focused on finishing and adapting existing work projects and tasks or you will come into contact with people who can assist you on your career path. So no major growth in your career this month, more a period of preparation and evaluation.
The partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn of July 16, 2019 paves the way for making an important professional change through social contacts. July 2019 is not a favorable month for study.

July 2019 shows a favorable financial month. Money is intertwined with social contacts. Here too, your social network is the key to financial success!
The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019 may present a new challenge for Pisces with inherent financial results. Mercury retrograde from July 7 to July 31, 2019 can lead to more income through a better-paid job or completion of a project.
Financially, your partner is doing well and you can count on your partner’s financial support. Reducing large expenses will improve your operating result.

From July 2 to August 18, 2019 red warrior Mars travels through your House of Health. During this dynamic period you may have to deal with stress related symptoms such as fatigue and headache, but also flu or fever. Be careful, also in traffic, with equipment and machines. A good outlet in the form of sport is advisable.
Retrograde Mercury from July 7 to July 31, 2019 in the House of Health offers you insight into the reason for health problems of yourself, your partner or family member. A period for finding alternative health options or new information.
A healthy diet and sufficient exercise are essential to be and stay physically, mentally and emotionally balanced.

Pay attention to the smallest details!
When you feel insecure, you are not grounded the way you should. When you feel this, it is advisable to make contact with Mother Earth. Go outside, go barefoot, walk, practice yoga, go to the beach, go dancing.
When you are moving, your body, soul and spirit become as one.

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