Aquarius July 2019

Most planets are still at the bottom of the Aquarius horoscope, a period of preparation and evaluation. As the planetary forces indicate, your career is on the back burner. It is a period of preparation for an upcoming busy period, so take the time for your private life. The focus in July 2019 is on relationships, health, finance, career and the choice for your study or career. Love and health do require attention.
From July 23, 2019, a planetary shift will take place towards the top of the Aquarius horoscope.

Love and Relationships
Your magnetic charm and attitude cannot be the problem, Aquarius.
Maybe you are trying too hard this month. In the first half of July 2019, Mercury is conjunct Mars in Leo in the House of Relationship and that makes you restless in word and gesture. This mental aspect wants to talk, read and study, but it makes you touchy and persistent as well. You may get into an argument with your partner. Retrograde Mercury in July 2019 can lead to problems related to the return of an old love or a business partner. Your social life is flourishing and you are also busy networking. Yet you have to follow the path of compromise more often. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn of July 16, 2019 brings balance to a disturbed relationship.
The best chances of finding love is from July 23, 2019, with the Sun in Leo. The single Aquarius finds romance at work or social gathering.

Family and Home
You must have noticed, Aquarius. Uranus in your Home of Family and Home leads to major changes in your domestic circumstances and family, such as moving to another place of residence, renovating your home or family composition. Your emotional life also undergoes changes. Old ties with the past are broken which can be liberating. During a cozy get-together with family or friends such as a joint holiday or dinner you tend to protect family members or arrange things for relatives. However, you notice that others are not always pleased with your efforts. Take a step back and give them space. Don’t make a small problem bigger than it is.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019 falls in your House of Work and shows the start of a new project at work, new job or more assignments in your company. It is the cosmic gateway to fundamental changes and a constructive period in which cooperation predominates. A great period to take the lead in your work, for your studies and more chance to get a job.
A different course! Your great creativity opens the gate of your imagination. Let yourself be carried away on the cosmic waves of flowing energy!
July 2019 is a favorable month for business travel, higher education and company training.
However, during Mercury retrograde in July 2019, you are a bit rebellious and you must try to avoid conflicts. Use your social charm to achieve your goals. You achieve more with kindness!
Learn from what went wrong and stay focused on what’s best for you.

There are planetary developments that cause delays in financial transactions. Neptune is your financial planet. Neptune in Pisces went retrograde last month and remains retrograde until the end of November 2019. It is advisable not to force anything, so no major investments to be made and take a wait and see approach. Important investment decisions need to be put on ice for the time being. During the coming months, it is good to review, revise or improve financial plans.
The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer of July 16, 2019 may indicate in the next six months a salary increase or real estate gain. Take extra care with Neptune retrograde. During Neptune retrograde you bury your head in the sand or it is more difficult to stay within budget. Shopping addiction can occur during this period, because shopping can also be a way to escape reality.

The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer from July 2, 2019 falls in your House of Health.
In the coming months, the Solar Eclipse will lead to ergonomic improvements in your workplace or there will be changes in your daily life that will improve your health and well-being. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn of July 16, 2019 reveals hidden pain and secret desires in the coming six months. Although these can be painful for you, this cosmic passage is desperately needed to release old pain and karma to go on with your life. A form of therapy can help with this.

The year 2019 is all about learning, growing and improving. From July 7 to July 31, 2019, Mercury is retrograde in Leo in your House of Relationships.
This is actually a “dress rehearsal” of a decision that you will make after this period.
You now understand what is going on or you can now understand what is going on in your relationship. This is a period of testing, consideration and distance, because the time is not right for the next step in your relationship, both business and private. Be cautious when signing contracts.

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