January 2019 is a month with many changes.
With all planets on the horizon of the Taurus horoscope you are focused on career and worldly goals. Now is the time to make progress, Taurus. In the coming six months, the emphasis will be on personal entrepreneurship and independence.
The Solar Eclipse of January 6, 2019 is the cosmic gateway to a study or a spiritual period in which you will see the meaning of life and the world in which we live from a completely different view.

Love and Relationships
January 2019 is focused on the career, leaving little time for love. Love is a verb, so make time for each other. Let the other person know what you feel and what you need. Friendships and your social life demand your attention and with good reason! Social contacts are the key to social success.
The single Taurus finds love at work, during a meeting, symposium, trade fair or a social or professional meeting. In the first half of January 2019, an unexpected romance can be a pleasant distraction at work! Your friends offer you a mirror and the insights that are needed. From January 23, 2019 there will be more room for romance. This is the best time to mend some fences or to start a relationship.

Family and Home
January 2019 is a month of changes in your private life. At home and in your family there are disputes and friction especially with elderly family members. It may be so that they think you pay too little attention to your family, because you are so busy. It is up to you to compromise in order to restore peace and quiet. In your family and family there are many lessons to learn, from each other and through each other.
It is about giving and taking. The total Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 21, 2019 directly relates to your home and family. This Lunar Eclipse brings out unspoken anger and negative aspects in the family sphere, but helps to find a solution to restore a long-lasting situation. There may be a better paid job in the next six months, making it necessary to relocate. It is also possible that you are traveling with your family or some happy news in the family.

The influence of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 6, 2019 makes you positive and optimistic. You are in the spotlight, you see more perspective and the opportunities that lie ahead. This cosmic gateway will show major changes in the organizational structure of your company, your career path, and also lead to major changes in goals and spiritual beliefs of students. However, there are developments that make it better to postpone study plans for the time being.
Patience is a virtue. January 2019 is a month in which you lay the foundation for further developments. Do not postpone what you can solve now, because soon it will become real problems. In the second half of January 2019 there is a form of power struggle at work.
Your proactive mediation is paying off and that attitude attracts the attention of your superiors!

Mercury is your planet of finances.
The first week of January 2019 is due to the position of direct Mercury in the eighth financial House an excellent time for financial planning and strategy formation.
The Great Benefactor Jupiter has been traveling through your eighth financial House since November 9, 2018. Until December 2, 2019, this is a good financial period to enter into a commitment whereby mutual funds are merged, for example a business partnership or marriage.
However, January 2019 is not a favorable month for investments. For financial success, Taurus depends on the financial support of others such as family and friends. Most money is spent on traveling and study this month.

The first three weeks of January 2019 are generally beneficial for your health due to the Sun’s influence in Capricorn. Venus is your personal planet and also your planet of Health. From January 8, 2019, Venus travels through Sagittarius so it will not be easy to maintain a diet or training schedule. In the last week of January 2019 you have to slow down, Taurus.
The influence of Uranus in Aries in the House of Cosmic Consciousness leads to awareness of health problems. Your subconscious mind is constantly stimulated to do everything in your power to become and stay healthy and fit! Through the influence of Uranus and Mars in Aries, you also want raise awareness of the importance of good health, such as taking a good night’s sleep and a good varied diet. You know how to inspire others with your good ideas!

This busy time can lead to emotional and physical overload.
Nature, yoga, meditation, retreat or a breathing session is very good for Taurus to relax.
Connect with your body by making contact with Mother Earth.
Stay grounded!

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