The planetary forces are still at the bottom of the Libra horoscope. The Night is about emotional well-being, hibernation, inner peace and happiness, family and domestic activities.
Meanwhile, there is a shift towards the western half of the Libra horoscope. Collaboration, social skills and consensus are important to achieve your goals.
The focus in January 2019 is on your private life and finding the right balance between work and private life.

Love and Relationships
Mars is your planet of Relationships. From January 2 to March 31, 2019, the influence of Mars in Aries can lead to tensions in the relationship or cooperation. Making compromises is not self-evident. It is a good time to work things out or to put issues out on the table.
The influence of Mars in Aries in the House of Relationships also brings heat into your relationship, so a small spark can light the fire. However, it is possible that you are frantically chasing a dream and now come to the conclusion that you do not want this dream anymore.
When you feel like this, let it go.
On January 21, 2019 there is a total Lunar Eclipse in Leo and this falls into your House of Friendships. Friendships are being put to the test. Friendships or social contacts will end in the next six months if you feel that they are no longer contributing to your life. So there can be problems in your social circle which may lead to the beginning or end of a friendship.
Let it happen, this is meant so cosmically.

Family and Home
Saturn in Capricorn travels through your House of Family and Home. Saturn brings cosmic lessons regarding to attachment to the past, but also what “home” means to you.
The Solar Eclipse of January 6, 2019 in Capricorn also takes place in your House of Family and Home. This cosmic event shows significant developments in your private life, home and family in the coming six months. Through these positive or negative developments you will realize how important family and friends are to you. January 2019 shows a lot of tension between you, children and elderly family members. You know how to manage everything in the right direction. You want to clean up with old pain from the past and work on a stable home situation.
In January 2019, more time is available to restore the mutual relationship and to undertake activities such as joint holidays or trips with your family. Follow your heart in everything you do.
If you have to make a decision, first listen to your heart and switch off your head. If you need some space for yourself, have a walk in the gardens of Mother Nature. Here you will find the silence to listen to your inner voice.

The Full Moon of December 22, 2018 fell into your House of Career. This influence can lead to beautiful developments in January 2019, such as a new job, promotion, salary increase, remuneration, recognition for shown commitment or more income in your company.
Most planets are on the underside of the Libra horoscope. This is a period of preparation and evaluation for your career, such as following a company-oriented course and working on the emotional aspects and communication skills in your career. The Moon is the planetary ruler of your House of Career. From January 7 to January 20, 2019 the Moon in its Waxing phase.
Use the Waxing phase to achieve career goals. The phase of the Waning Moon is suitable for finishing work and loose ends. This period is from January 22 to February 3, 2019.

Venus in Scorpio travels through your House of Finance until January 7, 2019. Your planet Venus feels at home in the House of Finances! This transit indicates a good financial period.
Beware, because you are inclined to spend too much money. Even after this period it is advisable not to exceed your budget. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 21, 2019 shows developments in the career and these are of direct influence on your finances.
Keep the books your bookkeeping and check your bank balance regularly. Be aware with impulse buying. Ask yourself with everything you want to buy: Is this valuable to me? Do I really need this? In January 2019 money is spent on the household, study or children.

Most planets are at the bottom of the Libra horoscope during this period of the year. The Night. Time for Hibernation! During the wondrous hibernation, growth change takes place. Libra is currently in a cycle of recovery and preparation. During this period of the cosmic Night you need more sleep. The influence of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn from January 6, 2019 and the influence of Neptune in your House of Health and Work makes you vulnerable and increases the chance of catching a cold or ending up with flu in bed. Use your energy in the right way and do not worry too much. You need rest, exercise and relaxation. Your health is your greatest asset!

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 21, 2019 is the gateway to a period of positive changes, of creativity and courage. In the second half of January 2019 there are insights about your career and relationships that make you think. Listen to yourself. Listen to your inner voice. The voice of your soul is worth gold.
Uranus in Aries has temporarily returned to your House of Relationships. In the past seven years your relations have been put to the test, both private and business.
As you can read in the year horoscope for 2019, you can have to deal with a home stretch until the beginning of March 2019. Let it happen, Libra. This is a cosmic process.





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