The planets shift further and further towards the top of the Gemini horoscope.
A new cycle begins in which the outside world and career become important again, but for the time being you can only achieve goals through cooperation.
January 2019 is all about career, love and social life, Gemini.

Love and Relationships
In the first week of January 2019, your planet Mercury is still in Sagittarius and thus in the House of Relationships. As you can read in the annual horoscope, this energy sets the tone for 2019. It is the end of a Mercury in Sagittarius cycle that began in November 2018. A cycle that has created many surprises in your love life. Do not be suspicious and talk frankly with each other. It is not always easy to talk to each other, but it is something you have to do. Take the time to talk to yourself. What exactly are you looking for in a relationship? What do you expect from your partner? Do you love yourself as much as you love your partner?
Venus is your planet of Love. Venus in Sagittarius will stay in your House of Relations from January 8, 2019 until February 3, 2019. Your social life is flourishing, but your attention is directed towards your partner. The one-to-one relationship is much more important than group activities or superficial contacts. During this period you are more willing to compromise, to negotiate and to make peace. This period is good for dating, making friends, entering into or strengthening a commitment.

Family and Home
Mercury is the planet of Family and Home. Mercury in Sagittarius leads in the first week of January 2019 to a reconciliation in the family. Arguments and disputes are settled by your mediation. January 2019 shows a harmonious family life through the beneficent influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Mutual ties are further strengthened.
Nevertheless, it all remains sensitive, so family problems must be addressed when necessary.
The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 21, 2019 can lead to the repair or replacement of a car, mobile telephone or computer. The Lunar Eclipse also changes the way of communication with close relatives, friends and family.
Children may have to deal with problems in study or finances.
A study abroad is in order, but it is advisable to delay these plans for a while.

This period offers the best opportunities to achieve success. This trend continues in the coming months, so this is the best time for a career change, to apply for a job, launch a new product to the world, make a new start or a new project in your company. You are very motivated to achieve your goals, but in this period you simply need others to achieve professional success.
January 2019 is also dedicated to networking and traveling to meet business partners and investors. It is advisable to stick to your agenda, because this month there are distracting factors that can confuse your planning. At work you may have to deal with hidden agendas or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so be on your guard. Not everything is what it seems and it is up to you to find out. Your enthusiasm can lead to envy from colleagues and employees who are afraid of changes or regard your enthusiasm as a threat. Make sure to relax this month, because stress is lurking.
A brisk walk, to the gym and an early night are good remedies to stay fit and clear.

The Solar Eclipse of January 6, 2019 falls into your House of Shared Finances such as insurances, mortgage, taxes etc. This Solar Eclipse affects your partner’s finances, which will require major financial changes, such as investments, strategies and financial planning. There may have been secret or unrealistic financial decisions in recent months and this Solar Eclipse bringing this all out. You are going to clean up your own act in the coming months, such as paying off debts and resolving tax issues. January 2019 is not a favorable financial month. Be cautious about investing in new companies or abroad. The Moon is your planet of finances. The Moon in her Waxing Phase or Full Phase is always financially more favorable for Gemini. That is from January 1 to January 12, 2019. This month, income comes from your work.
The Lunar Eclipse of January 21, 2019 falls into your House of Communication. This Lunar Eclipse will bring a new financial strategy or a different approach to finances in the coming months. Your car, computer or mobile phone has to be repaired or replaced.

Your eighth House of Transformation will be visited in January 2019 by the Eclipse of January 6, 2019, your planet Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.
January 2019 is particularly suitable for a clean-up in your House of the Soul such as losing weight or detoxifying. The best period to do that is the first half of January 2019. Not only your body, but also emotional baggage. From January 21, 2019 you feel much better, Gemini.
Your general health is reasonable this month. You deal with stress and as you know, stress is the worst thing that can happen to a Gemini. Forget alcohol and fast food this month.
By detoxifying your body you prevent a visit to the doctor. Take action before it is too late!
Do not worry too much, Gemini. You need to walk the walk.

With almost all the planets at the top of the Gemini horoscope, the focus is on your career.
This trend will continue in the coming months. Collaboration remains the key to success for the time being.
Do not stay on the sidelines. Participate! It is now about your social skills and interaction to get what you want. Actually, you are much too headstrong for team-work, but Gemini, you know how to adapt. Do not worry, in a very short time, it’s up to you.

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