The planetary forces are located on the eastern side of the Aquarius horoscope.
Aquarius is in a semi-annual period of independence and personal power! Almost anything is possible with this planetary force. The Cosmos wants to know what you want and what you can achieve on your own strength.
The focus in January 2019 is on your social life, career and private affairs, but also spirituality, meditation and reflection will play an important role in January 2019.

Love and Relationships
Mercury is your planet of Love. In the first week of January 2019 the single Aquarius may fall in love at a party or during a social meeting. From January 6, 2019, Aquarius gets the best opportunities to fall in love at work, during networking, at a spiritual fair, seminar, health institute, volunteer work or charity event. During the second weekend of January 2019, an unexpected romance could turn your life upside down! From January 21, 2019 when Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius, love comes naturally. The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo of January 21, 2019 falls into your House of Relationships. Over the next six months, there may be profound emotional changes in the relationship with your beloved, close friend or business partner. It can lead to a break or legal complications, but also a new relationship, marriage, business contract or serious commitment. This cosmic event may reveal hidden problems in the relationship. These problems are related to yourself and not your partner. By recognizing these problems you take the first step to free yourself from anyone who has a negative influence on you. You will only focus on those who make a valuable contribution to your life.

Family and Home
Until March 7, 2019 Uranus in Aries will continue to influence the relationship with siblings, uncles, aunts, acquaintances or neighbors. In the last seven years, the relationship has changed or the family relationship has been disturbed in one way or another.
Family bonds are renewed or broken. This can be liberating.
In January 2019, this energy can also have a major impact on your private life.
The path of compromise must be followed in your family. When something does not go well at home, do not isolate yourself. Make the connection!
In general, January 2019 is a quiet month. A happy circumstance is to be celebrated.
In the coming six months, the Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 21, 2019 shows a move by developments in your career and that may lead to unrest in your family.

In the first week of January 2019, Venus travels through Scorpio which represents your House of Career. January 2019 starts well, because with this positive energy there is a chance to meet with an older person who can influence the course of your career. Venus in Scorpio also gives the Aquarius an unprecedented attraction that comes in handy when networking, during negotiations and in social activities.
Promising new contacts can be beneficial to you both privately and for business in the long term. Yet you will notice things are not flowing as speedily as one would wish. Despite your efforts, you are not immediately rewarded with good results. Especially the student Aquarius is faced with delays.
The Full Moon Eclipse in Leo of January 21, 2019 is the cosmic gateway to a successful period of collaboration and developments in career and private life.
At the end of January 2019 there is good news!

Neptune is your planet of finances. Neptune in your House of Finances makes it difficult to keep control of your finances or you do not get access to relevant financial information. Mars in Pisces will remain in your House of Finances until 1 January 2019. Mars has awakened Neptune from November 16, 2018.
January 2019 is therefore a favorable month for making financial plans for the future in order to achieve greater stability for your company or personal life. A good financial plan is the best start of the new year. An investment will benefit you.
Do not trust blindly on financial advice and always keep control of your finances.

The Moon symbolizes your health. New and Full Moons are always good energetic and vital days for you and for your sense of well-being. The Full Moon of December 22, 2018 took place in your House of Health. This cosmic gate was a wonderful moment to make the decision to change and improve your lifestyle. You can not wish for a better start to 2019!
The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of January 6, 2019 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness and is the cosmic gateway to important changes in your spiritual life and your experience of spirituality.
The collaboration of Pluto and Saturn in the House of Cosmic Consciousness supports the Aquarius in processing the past and the search for the inner motives to let go of old pain and karma.

January 2019 is not really a good month to go on a trip. Find whatever you are looking for closer to home!
Aquarius is independent and prefers to go his or her own way, but you will notice that you can not ignore others when you pursue your goals.
Allow yourself and your partner the space to learn and grow.





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