During this time of year, most planets are at the top of the Gemini horoscope.
February 2019 is about career, ambitions, social life, abroad, study and home.
Gemini is in a period of personal strength, independence and self-reliance. However, cooperation remains very important this month in order to achieve goals.

Love and Relationships
Venus is your planet of Love. Venus in Sagittarius will remain in your House of Relationships until February 3, 2019. Your social life is flourishing, but the one-to-one relationship means so much more to you than group activities or superficial contacts. During this period you are more willing to compromise or to negotiate. This period is favorable for dating, making friends, making a commitment or strengthening a bond. The single Gemini finds love at work, during a meeting or exhibition. From February 4, 2019 you feel insecure emotionally. Through the influence of Venus in the House of Soul you are looking for yourself, your sexuality and involvement and that can be a lonely road, because you want to do it all on your own.
However, your desire for physical attention and romance remains, but at the same time you need space to be able to breathe in order to find or rediscover yourself. This means that you distance yourself or feel a distance in your relationship.

Family and Home
The Lunar Eclipse of January 21, 2019 will change the way of communication with close relatives, friends and family in the coming months.
This month there may be problems with school-aged children or with finances. Children and elder persons in the family and your immediate living environment need a lot of attention.
The Full Moon of February 19, 2019 falls into your House of Family and Home and is the cosmic gateway to a change in your living situation, such as a renovation, new interior or a move to another place of residence. Plans to move become real or there is an actual move because of your career, a joint holiday or family gathering.
It is possible that you are renovating a house or you want to sale or purchase real estate or you postpone these plans to a later period.

The New Moon of February 4, 2019 reveals that your career will change through a study, new interest, application of new skills, a foreign journey or a visit from abroad. Because of the energy of the New Moon, you only want to engage with older and influential people who can help you on your career path, because you have a goal now. February 2019 shows good business relations with foreign countries, so also a favorable month for foreign trips.
February 2019 is a busy month where cooperation and mediation will be the keys to success. Teamwork. With all the planets on the top of the Gemini horoscope, the Cosmos wants to know what you van achieve on your own.
Collaboration does not always mean that you have to comply, but remain open to colleagues and managers. On February 19, 2019, Mercury is conjunct Neptune in your House of Career.
A wonderful aspect of creativity and insights, but it can lead to envy, competition and rivalry, intrigue, betrayal and lies. Keep eyes and ears wide open!

February 2019 is a financially favorable month, because enough money comes in through income from your work and your inventive mind.
Even though the first months of 2019 show a slow progress, there is a steady flow of income.
However, you need to economise.
Mercury is the personal planet of Gemini. Mercury will retrograde next month. Gemini will be more inclined to make impulse purchases, which you will later regret.
Invest in sustainable projects that are profitable in the long term, for example a company-oriented study.

With the Sun in Aquarius, you are unstoppable in the first three weeks of February 2019, Gemini! You need sufficient exercise, a healthy diet and periods of rest and relaxation to keep your energy levels up to standard.
The high pace of life is hard to keep up with, even when you’re full of energy.
All that energy can also be deceptive, because there is also stress. It is of the utmost importance that you find balance between work and relaxation.
If you do not feel good, it has to do with fatigue. Fatigue has many causes. Your diet, emotional problems, relationship problems, problems at work, lack of sleep, stress. There may be headaches or pain in your joints. Whatever it is, be honest and do something about it.
From February 19, 2019 you will notice that you need more rest.

You can not please everyone.
No matter how hard you try! So why don’t you please yourself?
Go to bed on time, a varied diet, plenty of water, a power nap in between is what you need, Gemini.

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