Sagittarius August 2019


With most planets at the top of the Sagittarius horoscope, the focus is now on the outside world and career. This is the time of year that Sagittarius is focused on career and worldly goals. 

An important planetary shift is taking place for the Sagittarius this month. The next six months will be dominated by independence, self-confidence and personal strength.

The Cosmos wants to know what you can achieve on your own.

The main focus areas in August 2019 are career, private life, travel, study, education, spirituality and finance.

Love and Relationships

Jupiter is the planet that is connected to Sagittarius. From April 10, 2019 retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius made Sagittarius longing for love, support and affection, being together and sharing, but it was also a period of contemplation and preparation. Jupiter turns direct again from August 11, 2019 and that means that Sagittarius is ready to take a new step, such as making a proposal, an engagement or simply fall in love. No more thinking, but make the best of it!

It is a true journey of discovery to each other and into each other. Make enough time for each other in your relationship, because your career requires your attention during this time. 

A reconciliation will take place in the last week of August 2019. The single Sagittarius finds a new love on a journey or spiritual gatherings or place of prayer or meditation.

Family and Home

The New Moon of August 1, 2019 shows a trip abroad to visit children who are studying. 

It is also possible that your children go to another school and that you buy a car, computer or mobile phone during this period. There are also more e-mails, messages and phone calls. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15, 2019 falls into your House of Communication, short trips, brothers and sisters, acquaintances and neighbors. There may be a trip or a trip outside the city to visit friends or family.

Finding the balance between private life and your career can be a challenge in August 2019. Pisces symbolizes your private life and past. With retrograde Neptune in Pisces you start looking for your past and your family history. Neptune retrograde in Pisces is also an expensive period, because during this period your house requires maintenance or there is a renovation, new interior or plans for a move.


The New Moon August 1, 2019 in the House of Travel is a reference to a higher study, study abroad, new spiritual interest, a new book that you are going to read, a trip abroad or a visit from abroad. The New Moon of August 30, 2019 falls into your House of Career. The planetary recipe for new success in your career! An important project that you have been working on a while ago will get golden wings this month. In any case, something new that will open doors for you such as a breakthrough, high chance of a promotion, recognition or new job, new business opportunities such as a new agreement or negotiations, a new customer or more assignments for your company. A promotion or salary increase encourages you to boldly continue to build on the path you have taken.


Saturn’s limiter accompanies the transformation planet Pluto in Capricorn for a long period on his journey through your House of Finance. Saturn and Pluto teach you the value of possession, how to handle money and how to make good decisions to get a stable financial basis, now and in the future. It is up to you to make the right financial decisions, such as a savings plan, starting a business or a long-term financial plan. There will be changes this month in the financial situation of Sagittarius. In this period there is income from abroad. However, sound financial management is and remains advisable.

This month, money is spent on family and home, study, school and charity.


The seven-year journey of Uranus through Taurus changes your attitude towards your work and daily life. From August 12, 2019 to early January 2020, Uranus is retrograde in Taurus in your Home of Health. During that period you will make changes to your work patterns and obligations, because if you don’t, you can get sick as a result of stress. What are stress factors to you and what can you do to reduce stress or even better avoid them? What can you change in your daily routine to make yourself feel better?

What makes you happy and keeps you healthy?


August 2019 is a good month for traveling.

Make enough time for each other in your relationship, because your career demands your attention during this time. From August 12, 2019 to early January 2020, Uranus in Taurus is retrograde. During this period your attitude towards work changes. You are looking for a job with less stress and more freedom. Take your time to do that. What could be more important than your own health anyway?

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