Pisces August 2019


Meanwhile, an upward planetary movement is taking place towards the top of the Pisces horoscope. The outside world is becoming increasingly important. Social contacts and adaptability are the key to achieving desired goals.

Your personal charm is your secret weapon, in your career and in daily life.

In August 2019 the focus will be on work, family, children, relationships, social skills and your social life. Patience is a theme, because during this period you are dependent on the cooperation of others to achieve career goals.

Love and Relationships

The single Pisces can fall in love at work. Dare to show your emotions! This month, single Pisces is attracted to types that are slightly different or have opposite characteristics. So it is searching for the challenge, also in your relationship. Pisces gets many chances, but as said, things are moving a bit slower of many retrograde planets. Have patience. From August 18, 2019 Mars travels through Virgo, from August 22, 2019 Venus follows in Virgo and from August 23, 2019 the Sun in Virgo follows. Virgo symbolizes the House of Relationships for Pisces! The New Moon in Virgo of August 30, 2019, 2019 also falls in your House of Relationships. With a large planetary occupation in the House of Relationships, someone comes on your path who will play a major role in your life or you will take a new step in a relationship such as a proposal, marriage, family expansion, a new friendship, a business partnership or other form of collaboration to launch a project. A new chapter!

Family and Home

The total Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 2, 2019 affected children. Because of this influence, the focus this month is therefore on children, children of your partner, children in the family or children in your immediate environment. There are important developments in the lives of your children or children in your area. The Solar Eclipse of January 10, 2020 shows whether this development has blossomed or not. Mercury is your planet of Family and Home. Mercury was retrograde last month and this has delayed projects at home. August 2019 is a pleasant family month. Children go to another school and show great performances. August 2019 is not a good month to travel with the family.


The New Moon from August 1, 2019 falls into your House of Work. For Pisces this is a great time to adjust and to improve your working environment to make it more practical, pleasant, safer, healthier and more productive. A great time to start a new project or get recognition for your work. This New Moon shows the beginning of a productive period in which responsibility and cooperation will take the lead. A methodical and creative approach is the best way to implement changes. August 2019 is a favorable month for the Pisces studying, such as passing an exam or getting a scholarship. Networking and collaboration is the key to success, Pisces.


August 2019 paints a financially fluctuating picture. Do not take any financial risks this month, especially in the first three weeks of August 2019.

It is advisable to be sparing. You have to be careful with financial advice, rely on your feelings in everything. It is important that you first pay off old debts before you make purchases that you cannot afford. In your own company you are confronted with financial conflicts with employees or there is a financial dispute with your boss, older colleagues or higher-ranking person.


It is important that you take time for yourself, Pisces. Working too hard and too long causes stress and, as you know, stress is the biggest culprit. It is better to free up time to exercise. 

By exercising you don’t think about your work and your muscles are trained, you are relaxed and you get more energy! Just say “no” when something is too much for you.

Saying no is saying yes to yourself! The Full Moon of August 15, 2019 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness and Detachment. A period of rest, relaxation and meditation begins. 

Time to catch up on a sleep or take a short break. Relax yourself and surrender yourself to beautiful dreams.


In the busy month of August 2019 you don’t have much time for love. Your attention is demanded for your busy work so there is not much time left for each other.

In your relationship this can lead to conflict, you need to compromise to avoid more conflict.

Do not delay what you can do today. That annoying administrative job too.

 It really feels better if you have finished something well. Do not do everything at once, but at your own pace. Reward yourself when it’s done, that feels good! 

Accept the help of that older person at the start of the second week of August 2019.

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