Taurus April 2019

From April 21, 2019 the Sun radiates in your own sign Taurus. Congratulations!
Most planets are located in the eastern half of the Taurus horoscope.
You have complete freedom to make necessary transformations in your life and make corrections where it went wrong.
In April 2019 the planetary forces are moving further and further to the lower half of the Taurus horoscope. This means that the focus is shifted to the inner world, spirituality, private life, social life, health and well-being.

Love and Relationships
From March 21, 2019, the Spring Equinox, there are relational problems that require your attention. There are differences of opinion that need to be resolved. Candid conversation with each other brings mutual understanding. On April 10, 2019, your planet Venus is conjunct Neptune in your House of Friendships and Social Involvement and that can lead to ambiguity in your social circle. Not everything is what it seems, so be aware. April 2019 is a romantic and loving month. April 2019 shows a beautiful trip together with your partner or offers space for a joint study or interest.
The single Taurus finds a new love in the social circle or during networking.
Especially April 23, 2019 can be a day of unexpected developments, because then the Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

Family and Home
There may be unrest at home and that may have to do with your career or with plans that are related to a move, renovation or new interior.
The bond with your relatives and elderly in the family is strong and the last thing you want is unrest in your private life. You need to talk! The Moon symbolizes communication skills for the Taurus. What is the best period to discuss domestic matters? Every time the Moon is in her Waxing phase. The best time to bring your plans forward is from April 6 to April 18, 2019.

The Full Moon of March 21, 2019 fell into your House of Work and that showed that a project at work or at home has been completed. The Full Moon also provides space to solve any problems with a business partner or customer in the first half of April 2019.
April 2019 is a favorable month to start a new business at home or abroad, business travel, a study abroad or applying for a job.
From April 10 to August 10, 2019, Jupiter is retrograde. With Jupiter retrograde in the House of Soul, Taurus gets a different view of life, your career, your ideals and faith. The result is directly related to the choices you will make when Jupiter goes direct from August 11, 2019. From April 30 to September 19, 2019, Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. During this period it is important that you work as efficiently and effectively as possible. A favorable period to cooperate with foreign partners or to take an exam.

The transit of Mars in Gemini through your House of Finance until May 16, 2019 can lead to unnecessary financial expenses. Budget monitoring is advisable. Mars in Gemini, however, is resourceful, allowing you find alternative sources of income or the opportunity to save money.
Financial expenses can be related to property, parents or elder family members. Mars identifies Taurus with everything you own and value. Taurus wants to convince others of this, but can be a little pushy. Well-planned financial planning and investments yield good results.
There is more energy to make money, but also to defend your values.
Mars in the House of Finance can cause impulse purchases.

The New Moon of March 6, 2019 falls into your twelfth House of Cosmic Consciousness and Detachment. Because of this cosmic influence you need more relaxation this month. Regular exercise and a good and varied diet is essential to stay healthy and fit. Because of this influence you can get problems with your muscles, legs and feet in April 2019.
The Full Moon of April 19, 2019 falls into your House of Health.
If you have not done this yet, this is a wonderful moment to make the decision to exercise and to start eating healthier.
Less stress by taking more time for yourself to move and relax is the best investment you can make, Taurus!

From April 24 to October 3, 2019 Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. This is a period of evaluation and analysis of your life in the last 7 years. An influential person from the past returns to show you the way. Note the date April 23, 2019. The Sun is then conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Expect the unexpected in the field of your career or love. This day can lead to major developments that can affect your future!

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