Gemini April 2019

Most planets are at the top of the Gemini horoscope.
This is the time of the year that you are focused on career and social success.
An important planetary shift is taking place to the eastern half of the Gemini horoscope. That means more independence! Full speed ahead, Gemini!
Overall, April 2019 is a prosperous month for career, social engagement and friendships.
Spirituality will play a major role in this.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon of April 5, 2019 falls into your House of Friendships, group processes and social involvement. April 2019 shows a social and outwardly directed energy. Someone in your immediate environment cherishes special feelings for you. The single Gemini finds love in the social circle, at a party with friends or during networking. Gemini loves flirting! A new love is primarily a friendship without obligations. The Full Moon of April 19, 2019 falls into your House of Love and Romance. Just like last month, this Full Moon promises unforgettable and loving moments! New relationships bring you into contact with your inner soul and with who you are. Friends come, friends go. But those that remains, are friends for life!
From April 24 to October 3, 2019 Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. During that period a romantic in the workplace can be possible. Retrograde Saturn from April 30, 2019 shows that a love can only grow when there are serious intentions.

Family and Home
April 2019 is a quiet and harmonic month for your private life. At your work, everything goes according to plan and that is why the atmosphere at home and in the family is cozy and pleasant. In your marriage or permanent relationship there can be confusion and differences of opinion and that has to do with your busy career. Make time for love, because every moment is precious and will not come back. From April 10 to August 11, 2019 Jupiter in Sagittarius is retrograde. When Jupiter is retrograde, attention is given to home and family. During this period, family ties are strengthened. Also a great time to move or renovate.

The period after the Spring Equinox of March 21, 2019 is full of opportunities for the career and social status of Gemini. April 2019 makes you reflect about your career. Are you on the right track? Are you satisfied with the way everything goes? In the first half of April 2019 there will be a new colleague or new business partner that makes life easier for you. On April 2, 2019, your planet Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the House of Career. Spirituality is therefore the catalyst of social success this month! However, April 2019 is not a favorable month for the study, because you are quickly distracted. You have to work harder to achieve your goals. You need more research or remedial teaching before taking an exam. On April 10, 2019, Venus is conjunct Neptune in the House of Career. Kindness can turn into deception and dishonesty. From April 24 to October 3, 2019 Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn and that is a good time to work together and share on a deeper level. A business trip can be lucrative in April 2019.

April 2019 is not a favorable financial month for Gemini.
This month you have to be cautious about spending that you can not afford or dealing with risky financial companies. There is money coming in, but caution is needed. Your partner’s finances need to be reassessed. It will be a challenge for you to make ends meet, because not all of your projects will pay off. Most expenses will go to your family, family and home in April 2019. Financial success depends on your ability to work together. You like to work on your own, but financially you need someone else to help you.

April 2019 shows a beautiful month for your health.
You have to do your best to maintain your good health.
Gemini is Air. This also means that you need fresh air to function well. Also ensure a varied diet. Relaxing is much needed. Release all stress, physically and emotionally.
It is important to move! Before your day starts, it is good to do sports for half an hour. Running or walking in nature. If you do that, you have energy for the whole day. Physiotherapy, yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage can help you to come into balance.

It is advisable to solve existing relational problems. That can be with your spouse or your business partner, customers or colleagues.
In addition to valuable insights, friends offer you emotional and moral support, because you are uncertain about your feelings. Keep your distance especially when an offer or person is too good to be true. Not to be too idealistic when it comes to relationships. Don’t make things too complicated, you won’t be disappointed either. The last thing you need is even more uncertainty or problems.

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