Capricorn April 2019

Most planets at the bottom of the Capricorn horoscope. The Night.
During this period of the Night, the cosmic Hibernation, you are building a solid foundation for your career. A period of preparation, evaluation and inner processing. The planetary shift shows that the emphasis is increasingly on cooperation. The focus in April 2019 will be on the welfare of your family and addressing emotional issues.

Love and Relationships
The first half of April 2019 can be a little unstable for your love life as if nobody seems to understand you. In the second half of the month things get better and things fall into place. On April 23, 2019 the Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus in the House of Love! On this exciting day you can expect the unexpected!
From April 24 to October 3, 2019 Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. During this period you are going to clean house in relationships both private and business. Every new connection that is formed during this period will be promising and lasting.
From April 30 to September 19, 2019, Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. During that period, delays or postponements may occur. Any delay must be seen as an opportunity to correct errors or to notice details that may have been overlooked.

Family and Home
The New Moon in Aries of April 5, 2019 shows developments in school-age children or the search for the right education or field of study for yourself or your children. It is possible that a move, repair, refurbishment or major cleaning is in progress.
In any case, a fresh wind will be blowing through your house.
From April 21, 2019 to May 15, 2019 Venus travels through Aries and this energy indicates a favorable period for redecorating or garden plan.
Your planet Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde as of April 30, 2019 and points out the need to release emotional baggage from the past, but to stick to everything that is valuable to you.

The Full Moon in Libra of March 21, 2019 fell into your House of Career and may have led to beautiful developments in your career or position in the community.
The Full Moon of April 19, 2019 also falls into your House of Career. Things are going to change in your career for example, a new job, promotion or reward and recognition for your efforts.
A project is developing. You now know where you stand!
There may also be a reorganization. A good time to initiate career plans and a good period for a company-oriented course. Good communication, self-promotion, creativity and cooperation are the keys to success at work. The Full Moon also shows that a business trip can be both pleasant and profitable.
A completion of a project and the prelude to a new period in which your career will become more important again. But first you have to put things in order in your private life.

April 2019 shows a financially stable month, Capricorn.
The Sun in Aries shows that expenses are related to the house and family this month,
The transit of Venus last month through your House of Finance in March 2019 may have led to a windfall, bonus, payment or support from your family, probably an elderly relative.
April 2019 is a favorable month to invest in real estate.

Your health can be somewhat delicate this month. Important is rest and relaxation to stay healthy and fit.
Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius in the House of Cosmic Consciousness asks you who you are and to look at all the things that you hide from the world and yourself as well. You get the chance to free yourself from self-destructive tendencies, deep-rooted fears and feelings of guilt.
What are your spiritual values? Are you pure and honest in everything you do? Do you fool yourself or others? Learn to trust and do not put off the inevitable.
Listen to your body and listen to what you hear.

It is important to distinguish yourself creatively, both at school, at work and in your own company. Do not stay on the sidelines, but dare to take the leap!
In the coming months the emphasis will be on cooperation and no longer on personal input.
It is still a little calm before the storm. So why not a short vacation?

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