Cancer April 2019

Most planets are at the top of the Cancer horoscope.
This is the time of the year that you are focused on career and on worldly goals.
The planetary shift to the eastern sector of the Cancer horoscope shows a period of more independence and personal strength to establish conditions for yourself.
A shift to independence and free will, but cooperation remains the way to get ahead.

Love and Relationships
April 2019 is a harmonic month for love and relationships. Your social life is flourishing and good relations with friends and family has a positive impact on your life.
Love is all around you in your marriage or relationship. Your heart is overflowing with love and your surroundings picks up those signals. Because of this strong attraction you don’t have to wait to get attention. In your environment, however, there is also envy and others try to con you.
Transformational Pluto in Capricorn has been in your House of Relationships since 2008. Pluto goes retrograde from April 24 2019. Saturn rules over your House of Relationships. From April 30 to September 19, 2019, Saturn goes retrograde in Capricorn. During this period, relationships are evaluated and changes are made to a relationship, both personal and business. In your social circle, such as with friends, partnerships and family, retrograde Pluto and Saturn can lead to stress situations. Make time for old trusted friendships and do not trust blindly to new “friends”. Say goodbye to negative relationships and surround yourself with nourishing relationships.

Family and Home
The Full Super Moon of March 21, 2019 fell into your House of Family and Home. Something has come to completion in your family or are there plans to move or there is an actual move that can be intertwined with your career such as a new project, renovation, new interior or a move to another location. People are coming and going at your home. There can be a sporting event, a trip, a children’s party or a recreational event with children. Just like last month, on April 19, 2019, the Full Moon in Libra falls into your House of Family and Home. This Full Moon causes concern at home involving children and your family through all these developments. It is advisable to avoid confrontations as much as possible in order to get some peace and quiet.

The New Moon in Aries of April 5, 2019 falls into your House of Career. An important project that you started a while ago cab finally happen. In any case, something new that will open doors for you such as a breakthrough, a great chance of a promotion or a new job. A positive period for making long-term plans that are likely intertwined with spirituality and idealism by the influence of Neptune.
New business opportunities such as a new agreement or new negotiations, a new customer or more assignments for your company are possible. Your flawless intuition is the way to make the right business decisions. From April 10 to August 11, 2019 Jupiter in Sagittarius is retrograde. During this period people come along for business advice. In April 2019, good cooperation with colleagues, managers or customers is also the key to success. The student Cancer, however, may have to deal with delays. You have to make a little more effort to achieve your goals.

The Sun symbolizes your finances. Due to the influence of the Sun in Aries, the first three weeks of April 2019 are the best period for financial negotiations. Financial gain from your company or wages, personal earnings, but also financial support from the family or social network. There will be clarity in current financial projects that will allow you to implement financial plans. In any case, April 2019 is a prosperous month for your finances. The Sun in the financial sign of Taurus from April 21, 2019 shows the best time to make an investment or financial transactions. However, it is advisable to heighten financial security to ensure future developments. In the last week of April 2019, a business problem demands your full attention.

The health of Cancer can be a bit shaky in April 2019, so you have to take good care of yourself. You can suffer from a cold or flu. It is important to relax body and mind regularly in order to stay healthy and fit. Your career is demanding. Workload means stress. To stay in shape it is important that you keep moving. It does not matter what you do, just exercise!
Going outside or going to the gym ensures balance in this hectic period, Cancer.
Pay attention to your diet as well. Fresh vegetables, fruit, drink water. Especially in the first half of the month you have to make sensible choices for yourself. Relaxation is also part of that.

If something or someone feels good about you, go for it. If something or someone does not feel right, you’d better say goodbye.
Knowledge is power, Cancer. The Cancer in a management position should avoid confrontations with others as much as possible this month. At the beginning of April 2019 there may be a challenge at work, so it is advisable to inform yourself well in advance about complicated rules and regulations. April 2019 is not a favorable period to travel. Give your emotions space. New relationships bring you into contact with your inner soul and help you get in touch with who you are.

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