Aries April 2019

April 2019 is the month of action. It’s spring. Your best time of the year!
Your personal and universal solar cycle are in their growing phase, because
the New Moon of April 5, 2019 falls into Aries. This means that April 2019 is all about a new beginning of you as a person. It is now time to feed yourself with everything you really want.
Most planets at the top of the Aries horoscope show a period of strength and perseverance.
You achieve your goals on your own strength, but cooperation and family matters do require attention.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon in Libra of March 21, 2019 fell in your House of Relationships. In your social circle and business life there are developments such as new friends or business relationships or termination of relationships. The Full Moon has brought clarity so you can make straightforward choices. The beginning of April 2019 shows a new love for single Aries. Open your heart and see what happens! A new project can also bring a new love or romance in the first half of April 2019. Due to the influence of retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in the second half of April 2019 you can be confronted with undesirable behavior of friends, colleagues or business relations.
It is possible that you are unjustly blamed for something. Just like last month, the Full Moon in Libra of April 19, 2019 falls into your House of Relationships. Again, events makes you look at your relationships in a critical light. It is high time to make a decision!

Family and Home
The past few months have shown slow progress. The calm before the storm.
April 2019 shows that circumstances are being shifted to home and domestic issues. At home there may be small differences of opinion about unresolved sensitive daily issues. Those minor irritations will eventually lead to serious divisions. It is therefore important that you keep your finger on the pulse. Due to retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius, children may have problems with school or study this month which may cause unrest at home.
The influence of the North Node in Cancer can be seen as a planetary mediator.

Capricorn symbolizes the House of Career for Aries. The cooperating powers of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn bring out the best in you.
Until April 29, 2019, Saturn in Capricorn is direct in the House of Career, but will go retrograde from April 30, 2019 and Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde from April 24, 2019.
Stress, pressure at work and private matters take their toll. Because of retrograde Saturn and Pluto in the House of Career you have to make extra efforts to achieve goals, but offers you room to adjust things. From April 17, 2019 to May 6, 2019, Mercury travels through Aries, allowing you to set things right in professional and domestic life. Hold on, Aries. Your hard work in the previous months is now bearing fruit!

Uranus travels through the financial sign of Taurus since March 7, 2019. Taurus symbolizes your House of Finance. The seven-year journey of Uranus in your money sector can lead to changes in your financial life. During these years, money is earned through, for example, technology, a partnership or a social purpose.
The influence of Uranus in Taurus gives a sense of freedom, which allows you to be yourself and free yourself from limitations.
April 2019 is a month of financial success. Investments can yield a considerable return.

Retrograde Mercury in Pisces and the Spring Equinox may have led to fatigue, anxiety or grief that has to do with issues of the past, such as inner pain, guilt or pent up anger. It is possible that you have had a cold or flu. Regard this as a big inner spring cleaning, Aries. April 2019 is a month in which you have to be aware of the changes that occur in your life. You feel as if you are being carried by waves of energy. It gives you a feeling of excitement and bliss that you have never experienced before. You are engaged in fitness exercises and you are also busy with a new diet. Not only your physical fitness is important, but so is your inner world. Your soul.
Make time for yourself! Make time to exercise, but also to relax.

Venus travels through Aries from April 21, 2019 to May 16,2019. This influence stimulates you to make a decision. With this sparkling energy, Aries just goes right to it.
This enthusiastic and positive energy encourages action to start something new.
This is the best time to take action with a project to which you have started. Also the best time to solve problems. Make time for a short vacation, Aries.
You’ve earned it.

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