Most planets are situated at the bottom of the Leo horoscope. The Night.
During the wonderful Night, recovery takes place and we dream of what is to come.
The Night is about inner processing, family and domestic circumstances.
An important planetary shift takes place from independence to cooperation and consensus to reach your goals. The focus areas for Leo in September 2018 are finance, education, health and creativity. Relationships and careers are on hold.

Love and Relationships
In the past months, retrograde Mars in the House of Relationships has probably led to stress and distance due to misunderstandings from the past. Mars is marching on again so there will be room for action. However, postpone important decisions in the steady relationship. At the end of September 2018 there may be some disagreements. Go the road of compromise, Leo. The single Leo has to make an effort to find love. Do not wait, but take action. Follow your intuition. “If you don’t play, you definitely won’t win”. Do not look too far, Leo.
September 2018 is a good time to review friendships and relationships. Who do you want to accompany you on your path? Who support you emotionally and who is against you?
Sometimes it is good to cleaning up. September 2018 is such a month.

Family and Home
This month you are busy with your house. Perhaps because of the influence of Jupiter, there is a move, renovation or you are changing the interior of your house or you are busy in the garden. Because of the influence of Venus, you are shopping for your home and garden.
During this period of the year, your attention is focused on your home, family and your emotional life.
Now that your career is on hold, there’s plenty of time for home affairs or a company-related training. You can count on the support of your family.
The Full Moon of September 25, 2018 shows that you want to go on a journey. How about a nice vacation with your family?

Your career is on hold in September 2018 and that gives you time and space to do all those things that you promised to do when you have the time. A business-related training or helping someone else with career prospects. In return, that someone will help you soon, so the knife cuts both ways. When you are looking for a suitable job, it looks like September 2018 smiles at you. The first half of September 2018 is a period of productivity due to the influence of Mars.
Work for yourself. Be patient. Be modest. Wait for your chance, Leo.
The second half of September 2018 is suitable to address a problem, but be kind.
You need others to get the best result. The last week of September 2018 shows a short break.

The first three weeks of September 2018 are favorable for large investments and purchases.
The New Moon of September 9, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. Because of this New Moon there are financial opportunities this month such as a lucrative job or business opportunity, promotion or a great offer for your company or wrap up your administrative duties. With a strong planetary occupation in your House of Finance you get cooperation from others to acquire that favorable financial position. The last week of September 2018 shows a financial deadlock, but it gives you enough time to analyze financial strategies for the future. At the end of September 2018 you can count on the financial support or advice of an influential friend or business relationship.

The partial Eclipse of July 13, 2018 fell into your House of Cosmic Consciousness. It is the energetic incentive to let go of old emotional energy and unhealthy habits. In September 2018 you continue through this cosmic influence with releasing old pain to go on. Do only what you can handle. Take only with you what you can bear. That means you have to say goodbye to the negative influences of relationships or other things in your life that do not feed you (anymore).
Due to the influence of Mars, there’s in increased risk of infection, rash or fever in the first half of September 2018. It is important not to repress frustrations.
Saturn is your planet of Health. The positive influence of Saturn gives you a push in the right direction. Relaxation, regular exercise and a good diet do the rest.

The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 in your own sign Leo was the cosmic gateway to a new beginning, to work on new projects and new opportunities. This is really a second chance, so take that opportunity!
Follow your intuition, Leo. Forget the stage this month, but stay behind the scenes. Modesty is the key to getting what you desire. The world knows that you are here and that’s where you’ll stay.

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