Most planets are at the top of the Capricorn horoscope. This is the time of the year that you are focused on career and on your worldly goals. The coming months are all about your strength and independence. From September 6, 2018 planet Saturn turns in your own sign, Capricorn!
And that indicates progress and improvement of your personal position.
September 2018 is the month of career, travel, spirituality and study, but love affairs and financial affairs require attention.

Love and Relationships
In the previous month you may have experienced an emotional distance in your relationship due to retrograde Mercury in Leo. The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 opens the door to find a solution to eliminate emotional problems and fears for once and for all.
The single Capricorn finds love this month on the work floor, during networking, business appointment or meeting. Give all your love and attention to the person you love.
Do not get distracted and keep your eyes the prize. Tell him or her what you feel and go for it.
The more you open up, the more love you can expect. In the second half of September 2018 you will see the result of your romantic efforts. Yet it remains delicate, so cherish the love. Have patience and do not force anything. Do not forget your friends this month. At the end of September 2018, friends call on you for your help or mediation.

Family and Home
Stability is so important and stability can be found at home, your own safe haven.
The New Moon of September 9, 2018 in the House of Travel is a reference to a training or study, new interest, a new book that you are going to read, a foreign trip or a visit from abroad.
The Full Moon of September 25, 2018 falls into your House of Family and Home. In the next two weeks, something will come to completion at home or in your family, there are plans to move or there is an actual move involving your career. The Full Moon brings something new at home, such as a new project, renovation, new interior or a actual move. Plans to move become reality or there is an actual move because of your career, a joint holiday, family meeting or renovation.

The influence of Jupiter in your House of Career has resulted in progress last year. The influence of Jupiter has offered you unique opportunities for your career, however at the expense of your private life and social life. So you have a lot to catch up or to compensate.
The transit of Venus in Libra shows positive energy and growth in your career until September 9, 2018. The red warrior Mars remains in Capricorn until September 11, 2018. This is the best time to launch new projects.
September 2018 is a month with many possibilities for career development, applying for jobs, spiritual activities, philanthropy and traveling abroad. September 2018 is beneficial for business travel and networking. Students and teachers are the most successful this month.
At the end of September 2018 you have earned a few days off.

The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 in your House of Shared Finance, Insurance, Taxes, etc brings new information about a stalled financial issue that will give you the opportunity to strengthen your financial position and smooth tax issues in the course of September 2018.
This Solar Eclipse has to do with the finances of your partner so that drastic financial changes will be necessary. As of September 13, 2018, the Red Warrior Mars offers you the energy to take the right financial path. However, no immediate financial results or clear progress is yet to be seen in September 2018. So wait with large purchases or investments until the end of September 2018.
Try to uphold balance.

The first three weeks of September 2018 look good for your health, but in the last week of the month your health may be somewhat delicate.
Regularity is also the key word in September 2018!
The career of the Capricorn is zooming and that can cause stress.
Regular exercise is necessary to alleviate stress and stay motivated.
Healthy food sufficient rest and relaxation. Talk about what’s bothering you.
The better you take care of yourself, the better you feel.

Your personal charm and creative input is your secret weapon during this busy period.
Networking is important, visit symposiums, lectures, trade fairs, wherever you can meet people. Focus and concentration are necessary to bring a business project to a good result, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted by trivial matters.

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